50 Summer Camp Theme Mash-Ups

I love combining two things that wouldn’t seem to normally go together. The first person to combine peanut butter and chocolate is my hero.

Have you ever combined two camp activities? You should try it. (Canoes + Capture the Flag = Awesome). But what about mashing together two themes to create one that is unique and exciting? Here are 50 new themes for your summer camp sessions that you’ve (probably) never thought of.

  1. Cooking Across the Galaxy
  2. Amazing Cruise Ship Race
  3. Castaway Christmas
  4. Time Travel Treasure Hunters
  5. Superhero Art
  6. Harry Potter’s Mission Impossible
  7. Mad Wild West Science
  8. Medieval CSI
  9. Disney Survivor Challenge
  10. Around the World Holidays
  11. Barnyard Carnival
  12. Dinosaurs and Unicorns
  13. Halloween Olympics
  14. Space Pirates
  15. Jungle Cruise
  16. Sea Safari
  17. Pixar Pioneers and Settlers
  18. Board Games and Fairies
  19. Twisted Nature
  20. Prehistoric Music Makers
  21. Myths and Mysteries
  22. Hollywood of Ancient Egypt
  23. Prehistoric vs. Future
  24. Earth, Wind and Magic
  25. 7 Wonders of Water World
  26. Sports Cuisine
  27. Peanut Butter and Chocolate
  28. Through the Looking Glass Slipper
  29. Water and Wheels
  30. Zombie Film Making
  31. Mythical Inventions
  32. Ninja Geeks
  33. Cavemen in Space
  34. Dancing with Superheroes
  35. Sci-Fi Zoo
  36. Nerf Adventures
  37. Cartoon Fashion
  38. Cirque du Star Wars
  39. Hip Hop and Hoops
  40. Fantasy Color War
  41. Wonka Hunts
  42. Imagi-Nation
  43. Greeks and Geeks
  44. Santa’s Underground Workshop
  45. Dr. Who-ville
  46. World Cup of Mystery
  47. Wizarding World of Sports
  48. Pajama Party in the USA
  49. Tropical Pair-a-dice
  50. Game Shows of the Future

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