A reader asked me for more camp themes. At first I thought, “Isn’t 100 enough? That should take a camp through many summers.” Later I decided that even though there are 100 themes, a lot of them might not appeal to some people.

Creating a list of 100 more summer camp themes was surprisingly difficult. While there are plenty of day or meal themes like backwards day or pajama breakfast, I wanted the list to have themes that can be used all week long.

So here it is.

  1. Pioneer Days
  2. Vehicles Adventures – Golf carts to construction equipment, kids love vehicles.
  3. Literature – A lot can be done with literature. Whether you take a current young adult book like Gone or a classic like The Count of Monte Cristo camps can create theme days and activities around ‘literature’.
  4. Dog Dayz
  5. Mysteries and Riddles
  6. Pixar Adventures
  7. Surprise!
  8. Fairyland
  9. Earth, Wind and Fire
  10. Shipwrecked
  11. Show Biz
  12. The Great Escape
  13. Aliens and Cowboys
  14. Forest Adventures
  15. Nature Gone Wild
  16. Rome – No fights to the death, please.
  17. Footloose
  18. Twilight – You may not be into this series, but a lot of your campers are.
  19. Percy Jackson and The Olympians – Who doesn’t love Greek mythology?
  20. Epic
  21. Pay It Forward
  22. Bullseye
  23. Masters – Who are the masters of your activities? This would be a great theme to have campers focus on one activity and master it.
  24. Quest
  25. Davinci – Creating, experimenting, painting, codes, etc. are all directions you can go with this theme.
  26. Top Shots – Archery, BB Guns, .22s, hatchets, blow darts, sling shots, etc. Who are the camps Top Shots?
  27. Color Crazy
  28. Medieval Times
  29. The Academy
  30. The Elements
  31. 3D
  32. Friends Forever
  33. Randomness – Make sure you add in some random dancing.
  34. Highlanders – A kid-friendly version of the Highland Games would be a great event to hold for this theme.
  35. Rigabamboo
  36. Mountain Mavericks
  37. Spirit Animals
  38. Regions (forest, desert, mountains and sea)
  39. iPhone Movie Makers – Have campers write scripts, shoot scenes on an iPhone and edit them on iMovie.
  40. Clash of the Titans
  41. Express Yourself
  42. Utopia
  43. Willy Wonka
  44. Recharge/Relax
  45. Clone Wars
  46. Down Under
  47. Rock Me Amadeus
  48. Fitness
  49. Tech
  50. Empowerment
  51. The Orient
  52. Sherwood Forest
  53. Jurassic Park
  54. The Heart of Africa
  55. Never Never Land
  56. Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventures – Bill and Ted can be replaced by two staff.
  57. Hunger Games – In this arena, campers merely tag each other.
  58. LOST – Bring in a polar bear for added effect.
  59. Gracelings – What abilities do your campers possess?
  60. Goonies – Go on an epic hunt for One-Eyed Willie’s Treasure.
  61. Van Helsing – Vampires and Werewolves and Monsters, oh my!
  62. Summer Camp Mash-Up – Mash-up two camp activities into one. Do this with all your activities. Have you ever shot a bow and arrow from a horse or kayak?
  63. Glee – Lots of singing (and blue slushies)
  64. Off the Wall
  65. Slumber Party – The dress code for today is ‘pajamas’.
  66. Cranium
  67. Camp Throwdown – Staff challenge campers at what they do best.
  68. Road Rules – Here’s a travel camp theme where campers compete in teams at various locations.
  69. Beyond Camp – Camp filled with off-site excursions.
  70. Spirit Week – Complete with spirit fingers
  71. Treasure Island
  72. Variety Pack
  73. Walk on the Wild Side
  74. Water World
  75. Girl Power
  76. Fairies and Gnomes – Like Fairyland but with mischievous Gnomes.
  77. Pathfinders
  78. Blockbuster
  79. Arabian Nights
  80. Care Bears
  81. Gilligan’s Island – Where’s my coconut radio?
  82. Beauty and the Beast
  83. Cloud 9 – Who doesn’t like being pampered?
  84. Fables
  85. Four Seasons (Fall Harvest, Winter Wonderland, Spring Rejuvenation, Endless Summer)
  86. Celebration
  87. Posh
  88. Wacky Sports
  89. Trading Spaces
  90. Dr. Suess
  91. The X Factor
  92. Myth Busters
  93. Project Funway – Either you’re in or you’re out.
  94. Wonder Emporium
  95. Happily Ever After
  96. Triple Threat – Acting, singing and dancing – or is it archery, climbing and horseback?
  97. Passport to Fun – Campers must get their passports stamped at each activity.
  98. Hunters and Gatherers – Full of treasure (hunter) and scavenger (gatherer) hunts.
  99. Whimsy
  100. Heart of a Champion

Wait, this still wasn’t enough? Here are Another 100 Themes.