50 Summer Camp Theme Meals

Theme meals are a fun way to mix up meal time at camp. You can go as big or as small as you want with decorations, music, costumes and themed food. It all starts with the theme and here are 50 ideas to choose from.

  1. Formal Meal
    • Staff dress up and a multi-course dinner is prepared. The plates are set and cleared by CIT’s. Food is served as well. Don’t forget the ambient music.
  2. Caveman Meal
    • All food is eaten with hands and grunts are used to ask someone to pass the food.
  3. Medieval Meal
    • Turkey legs and the rest of the meal is eaten without utensils.
  4. Monks Meal
    • Eaten in silence. Groups that talk do not get dessert. The first group that talks washes the dishes.
  5. Pajama Breakfast
    • Everyone comes in their pajamas (shirts and shoes required).
  6. Backwards Dinner
    • Food is served in reverse. Start with dessert and go from there.
  7. Accents Meal
    • Everyone talks with an accent.
  8. International Meal
    • Offer a buffet of international cuisine.
  9. South American Meal
    • Mexican food and mariachi music.
  10. Italian Meal
    • Mama Mia, that spaghetti looks good! Where are the meatballs?
  11. Chinese Meal
    • Egg Rolls, Pork Fired Rice and Chinese Lanterns compliment the fine traditional Chinese music.
  12. Indian Meal
    • Tandoori chicken, brightly colored sari fabrics and Bollywood music
  13. Japanese Meal
    • Sushi rolls (maybe even a class on making them) and kimonos. Tables on the ground and no chairs, just pillows to sit on.
  14. Take Me Out to the Ball Game
    • Hot dogs, nachos, peanuts and root-beer. Okay, you can have a salad bar, too. Sheesh!
  15. Hippie Meal
    • No meat, organic produce, and tie dye clothes.
  16. Backyard BBQ
    • Hamburgers, hot dogs and other picnic foods. Cover the food to keep out the flies.
  17. Hawaiian Luau
    • Pork, fish, sweet potato and pineapple served with ukulele music. Spam is optional.
  18. Smooth Jazz Brunch
    • Basic brunch items with smooth jazz playing in the background.
  19. Southern Hospitality
    • Everyone is really nice and speaks with a southern accent. On the menu: ribs.
  20. Under the Sea
    • Seafood and Finding Nemo on the big screen.
  21. Cartoon Breakfast
    • Bring out the movie projector and show cartoons during the meal. A variety of cereals are available.
  22. Dr. Seuss Breakfast
    • Serve green eggs and ham and have Thing One and Two serve the meal…then again, maybe they shouldn’t.
  23. Evening Breakfast
    • Serve pancakes, eggs and bacon for dinner. Yum!
  24. Counselor Exchange Meal
    • Counselors sit at with a group other than their own.
  25. Murder Mystery Meal
    • Staff act out a murder mystery during the meal.
  26. Utensil Mix Up Meal
    • Spoons and forks are replaced with spatulas, large wooden spoons, ladles and other odd cooking utensils that campers must use to eat with. No hands allowed.
  27. At Your Service
    • Campers feed the person next to them. They cannot feed themselves. If that’s too much just have them serve each other by placing food on their neighbor’s plate.
  28. Drive In Movie
    • Set up area as though four-person vehicles are parked to watch a movie. Project a movie onto a large screen or bed sheet.
  29. Valentine’s Meal
    • Romantic music, candles and valentine cards that can be filled out are on the dinner table.
  30. Thanksgiving
    • Turkey, stuffing and all the extras that grandma makes. Go around the table and have each person say what they are thankful for.
  31. Christmas Dinner
    • Put up the tree, bring in the carolers and serve up the turkey.
  32. Christmas Breakfast
    • Pancakes and presents under the tree. Did each person bring or make a gift to share?
  33. St. Patrick’s Meal
    • Where did that elf go? We must catch him. Oh look, all the food is green.
  34. Harry Potter Meal
    • A feast served by house elves. If they do well you can give them a pair of socks and free them. Don’t forget the house banners and the butterbeer.
  35. Your Choice
    • Let the campers create their own pizza or have a taco/burrito bar where they can create their own dish.
  36. Talent Showcase
    • Counselors perform in a talent show while the campers eat.
  37. Sustainable Meal
    • Organic, locally grown food, cloth napkins, beeswax candles and fresh flowers.
  38. Brown Baggin’ It
    • Campers make their own sandwiches, choose some chips and cookies and put it all in a lunch sack. Then head out to the lake or a nice grassy clearing to have lunch.
  39. Soup Plantation
    • Offer a soup and salad bar and have a variety of items available. include some breads and pasta if you like.
  40. Sensory Meal
    • Blindfolds and food – no utensils
  41. Western Theme
    • Serve barbecued pork or chicken, chili, cornbread, corn on the cob and baked beans. Add watermelon. For dessert, apple pie a la mode. Don’t forget the country music. Uh oh it’s time for some line dancing.
  42. 50’s Diner
    • Grilled burgers, onion rings, coleslaw, potato salad, milk shakes and apple pie. Poodle skirts optional.
  43. School Cafeteria Meal
    • Sloppy Joes, fish sticks, lumpy mashed potatoes, creamed corn, chocolate milk and hair nets.
  44. Color Themed
    • Choose one color and create a meal around it.
  45. Mama’s Kitchen
    • Based on a theme restaurant at Disney World have as staff member serve each table as though it’s a family reunion in the 50’s. They should act like they are their Aunt. They tell the kids how grand mama is back there slaving away over a hot stove. Then she gives them crayons and coloring sheets to keep them occupied until the food is out. The meal is served family style.
  46. At the Fair
    • Set up a couple of carnival booths, a face painter, and fair cuisine including corn dogs, corn on the cob, french fries, deep-fried Twinkies, cotton candy and lemonade.
  47. On the Bay
    • Clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl and salad.
  48. Dino Meal
    • It all starts with a Brontosaurus Burger.
  49. Survivor or Fear Factor Meal
    • Mystery meat with regular food, but have one or two items that are challenges for those that want to try such as edible bugs, pig snout, etc.
  50. Storyteller Supper
    • Have a staff member or professional storyteller tell a great story while everyone eats and listens.

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