Hey there. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you’re getting a lot of useful ideas from my site.

I’m Curt, and this picture is of me and my dog, Max. My camp name is Moose. I know, not the most original camp name, but it fits me. I have a lot in common with the moose. I am a big guy and love the outdoors. Plus, I usually travel solo…just me and Max.

So, what’s with this site? Well, if it’s not obvious, I LOVE SUMMER CAMP. My first camp job was a long, long time ago, in a galaxy…well, this galaxy, actually. I love day camps, overnight camps, camp songs, campfires, archery, team-building, horses, kayaking, games, color war, making friends, guiding youth, supervising staff, etc. I have learned a lot by working at a variety of camps (7 to be exact), visiting a bunch of other camps, and by sharing ideas and collaborating with other camp professionals.

As a summer camp and community recreation professional my aim is to serve people who are looking for new camp program ideas. Camp programming is my sweet spot. I am all about themes, events, games, changing up activities, competitions and challenges. I’m also a fan of camp traditions, enjoy the marketing side of business, and love training, supporting and mentoring staff during the summer. I get a thrill out of going into a new camp and bringing what I know to enhance the overall program.

Part of the way I serve the summer camp and community recreation fields is through a site called Patchwork Marketplace where anyone can sell their downloadable resources (I have a number of my own ebooks on there as well as print versions on Amazon), through a podcast I co-host with Chris Kallal of Camp Good News called the Summer Camp Programming podcast, and by running an online conference call SummerCampCon.

“But Moose, you didn’t answer the important questions.” Allow me to answer the questions I get from camp diehards.

Q. Favorite camp song?
A. An Austrian

Q. Favorite camp game?
A. Pow!

Q. Favorite camp activity?
A. Low Ropes Course / Team building

Q. Favorite evening program at overnight camp?
A. Campfire with skits and songs

Q. Favorite camp meal?
A. Depends on the cook.

Q. Favorite theme?
A. It’s gotta be Time Travelers for a general session of camp and Harry Potter for a specialty session of camp.

I guess that’s it. If you have any questions or suggestions, you can contact me at [email protected].






  • What a tremendous resource! I have worked with Curt for a number of years and he is super organized and creative! Good luck Curt. This is a much needed resource!
    William Higgins
    Higgins Tennis, Inc.

  • So cool I found you! I miss my brother! I hope all is well and you are getting ready for an exciting summer.
    Haven’t been to conference in a couple years, maybe next year. Of course we’ll want to be where you are presenting.