SCP 21: Would Chris Try It?


This week’s episode sounds like a new game show! Curt asks Chris about some fun ideas to see if he would try them at his camp. Spoiler Alert: Chris has tried or is willing to try almost all of them.

  • Obstacle Course – Chris used to have one of these at his camp that was similar to a Ninja Warrior style course. The only con is that it takes a bit of money to keep it safe and up-to-date. Check out Curt’s post about Putting Together an Obstacle Race at Camp: click here
  • Color War – Chris would definitely try this the correct way. He did it wrong before thinking it was more of a color run. Check out Curt’s post about how to run it the right way: click here
  • Hot Wheels Tournament – Chris has done this and plans to do one but with lego cars that the campers build themselves. Check out Curt’s Post on Racing Marbles and Hot Wheels: click here
  • Amazing Race – Chris has done this at every camp he’s been at (and even at his school as a teacher). Curt’s How to Run an Amazing Race book can be found on Amazon in print or on Patchwork in a downloadable PDF version.
  • Cardboard Boat Races – Chris did this at his last camp with huge success. Currently, his maintenance director would be mad if he tried to do this in the pool at Camp Good News! See what Curt recommends in his Duct Tape Pirate Ships post: click here
  • Camper Garage Sale – Shockingly, Chris said “no” to this one because of issues with protective parents. Curt gives some ideas to help with that. Check out his post containing this idea as well as 100 more great ideas: click here
  • Full Moon Madness – Chris does this and calls it “Camp After Hours” Lots of fun things you can do during this, but the best part is staying up late and sleeping in the next day!
  • Vehicle Day – Chris would like to do something like this but sees that there’s going to be lots of planning ahead of time for it.
  • Pillow Fight Tournament – Who doesn’t love a pillow fight! Check out how to do it here: click here
  • Marble Runs – Chris does more of a roller coaster building activity around this, but Curt is talking more about something like this: click here
  • Bubble Ball Soccer – Chris has this at his camp and calls them “Zorbs” They are fun, but a lot of work for a short amount of fun. He has even put them in storage for a few years in hopes that they will seem new and exciting again. Check out this guest post: click here
  • R/C – Chris totally wanted to do this for this summer, but needs to do a bit more research beforehand. Curt’s got a great post to check out if you’re thinking about it too: click here
  • Camp Wide Video (Lip Dub) – This was most definitely a “NO” from Chris. He has a hard enough time getting just a few campers to cooperate for a video shoot. Camp-Wide sounds like a horrible idea. But if you got the patience for it, check out this awesome video: click here

Tools of the Week (Favorite Sports Supplies Vendors) –  Both guys agreed that they pretty much search for good prices or the company that can send them everything they need, but here are the ones that stood out.

  • Curt: S&S
  • Chris: Palos Sports and Wish.com






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