SCP 25: Listener Questions


Curt and Chris use their expertise to help answer some questions from their listeners!  Listen to this episode for some helpful tidbits to questions you may have too. This will be an episode that will be recurring, so if you have any questions that the guys have not answered yet, please send it their way so they can share any advice (good or bad) they may have!


  • Theme or no theme and daily themes vs weekly themes
  • Do any of you do overnights for your oldest campers? If so, what do I need to know??
  • Looking for some permanent games for our “Commons Area” for next summer. Something that just needs general area supervision.
    • Box Hockey (video) – https://youtu.be/1wVq_vpMf08
  • What do you do in instances of extreme heat and humidity?

Question/Tool of the Week – What is a favorite app you have used at camp?

  • Curt – iBingo Caller free by SyGem Software – Great for playing a bingo game without having to do the whole setup of the caller.
  • Chris – Skyview Lite by Terminal Eleven LLC – It’s an augmented reality app to identify stars and planets in the sky.






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