SCP 6: Theme Meals at Summer Camp

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The guys discuss having theme meals to help make mealtime and the Dining Hall a fun place as well as the rest of Camp.


  • Makes for a memorable meal (kids will be talking about this meal for years to come!)
    • Great idea: Maybe pick a meal that isn’t a favorite so that it will become a Great meal.
  • Can be tied into the Camp Theme or have it’s own unique fun theme
  • Lends to additional programming (allows a “non-exciting” area to be exciting)
  • Keeps things fresh for the staff, especially kitchen staff. Great for staff that are there all summer too!
  • Allows Kitchen Staff to be creative and “campy”. If you have creative kitchen staff, it gives them a chance to be a part of the program

Why Not:

  • Takes prep work
  • Depending on the theme this may take creative Kitchen Staff 
  • Costs extra money (Although this could just be Chris spending to much on stuff!)
  • Could cause the Dining Hall to be crazy and wild

Favorite Theme Meals:

  • Any theme where food must be eaten with hands (Medieval, Caveman, etc)
  • Pirate (using random utensils because all the silverware was thrown overboard, Grog, Pirate Talk, etc)
  • Any with additional entertainment (Murder Mystery, Cartoon Breakfast, Skits, Talent Shows, etc)
  • County Fair (Games, cotton candy, fried foods, etc)
    • This theme could get a little chaotic, but a LITTLE chaos is always fun
  • Outdoors (cooking over a fire)
  • Everybody’s Birthday (where tables are decorated for the month. July has patriotic, December has Christmas, etc. Each camper sits at their birthday month table. Get to know new Camp Friends this way)
  • Mystery (you order your food, but have no clue what’s coming out)
  • Banquet (nice formal dinner)
    • Tip: make campers sit by cabins/groups or this could become a “find a date” event
  • Luau (roast the pig, luau dances, tiki torches, etc)
  • Breakfast in Bed (prep meal and bring around to cabins in To-Go boxes so campers can all eat in Bed)
    • Curt does a special Pizza Delivery meal

Great place to find additional theme meal ideas:
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