SCP 20: Team Building

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The Camp Gurus (the word Guru is used very loosely here!) give out some great ideas and activities for Team building. This podcast doesn’t teach you how to debrief or run the activity, just some great ideas to get you started! I’ve included links to see these in action, because Curt and I both learn better with visuals!

  • Trust Falls – Both guys agree that this one goes beyond our safety comfort levels and choose not to lead it.
  • All Aboard – Here’s a fun activity where the entire group attempts to get onto a board at one time. The only con is that when it’s hot out, it’s not fun to be that close to others.
  • Traffic Jam – This is one of Curt’s favorite! Using Polyspots and humans, this is a fun communication building activity.
  • Tennis Ball Traverse – Chris’s Favorite! Working all at the same time to move a tennis ball around by only holding strings
  • Magic Carpet – This activity requires the group to flip a carpet upside down without stepping off of it. Chris has made his more fun by writing these instructions on the bottom: “Lean left to turn left, lean right to turn right. Now Cha Cha real smooth.”
  • Space Turtles (a.k.a. Chocolate River) – Polyspots or foam pads are your turtles. If you’re not touching them, they fly away.
  • Human Caterpillar –Similar to Silly Skis where everyone has to move at the same time. 
  • Soma Cube – Here’s a small brainteaser puzzle that Chris made much larger.
  • Skyscraper – This is a game that involves everyone holding strings to lift a “crane” to build a block building.
  • Tour De Camp – Moving a bicycle along a path by only holding strings attached to it is not easy.

Tools of the Week (Favorite Craft Supply Vendors)

  • Curt: Discount School Supply 
  • Chris: Hobby Lobby







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