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Best Ways to Start a Summer Camp RC Program on a Small Budget

This is a guest post by Mark Briggs.

So you’re looking to start an RC program for your camp, but you’re having difficulty figuring out how to acquire these gadgets without breaking the bank? It can be a bit difficult if you’re planning to buy several dozen remote control toys when you’re on a budget.

Take a look at some of the few things you can do:


A lot of remote control manufacturers offer sponsorships. It can be as easy as reaching out to on their Facebook page and letting them know about your program. Some notable companies include Traxxas, HPIRacing, Hobbypartz and FantomRacing.

Now in return these companies might want you to display their banner on either your website or perhaps at your event. Considering that this can potentially save you thousands of dollars in start-up cost it’s not a bad exchange.

Contact Local Hobby Shops

Similar to sponsorships, this involves going more local and talking to your local hobby shops. Most hobby shop owners would love the idea of free advertising, and having a bunch of kids introduced to the remote control hobby can only be good for business.

Now in return they will most likely want free advertisement and maybe also the opportunity to display some of their other items and sell at the camp? The logistics will vary by what the situation is, or how the camp is organized.

Buying In Bulk

If you look around the internet you will see that there are some wholesalers who sell some of these toys in bulk. This can definitely help reduce the cost immensely. Now, it does depend on what you’re looking to get. Don’t expect to get top-notch trucks such as these.

Unless you’re planning on having the kids race competitively, you don’t have to worry too much about what type of ESC (electronic speed control) they use or the type of transmitter needed. You should first contact the companies and explain your situation. They might even offer you special discounts if you tell them you plan on using them for your program.

As you probably know buying RC cars can add up quite a bit. Even if you specifically look for the ones under a hundred they still add up quickly.

I hope these few tips can help you setup your remote control program! There aren’t too many out there, but hopefully after reading this, you guys are much more confident on figuring out how to start one without spending all your cash on it.


Mark Briggs is an electrical engineer by day. He runs the blog where he talks about all types of RC toys. Mark has been in the hobby for over 15 years; his favorite gadgets being RC cars and trucks.



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