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Pizza Delivery

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If you work at a resident camp you probably have theme meals. For lunch consider pizza delivery.

Delivering the Pizza

During lunch the campers stay in there cabins. The kitchen prepares pizzas, salads and drinks. The pizzas should be placed in pizza boxes, the salads in to-go boxes and the drinks in pitchers with tops. Make sure you have plates, utensils, cups and napkins. A garbage bag for each cabin might also be useful.

Program or admin staff then deliver the food to the cabins via walking, golf cart, truck or whatever other transportation you use at your camp. Near the end of lunch they go back to the cabins to pick up the trash, dirty dishes and any leftovers.

You can get pizza and salad boxes from your food supplier, local restaurant supply company or on the internet. It also helps (and adds to the fun) if you use pizza delivery bags as well.

Go Bigger!

If you want to go the extra mile then have the cabin groups fill out a pizza order. This should be done while they are in the dining hall, during breakfast. Let them know they can have up to 4 toppings and can split the toppings on the pizza. For example they can choose to have just cheese on one half of the pizza and pepperoni, mushrooms and garlic on the other half. They can also choose their salad dressing and drink choice.

If your cooks are up for it offer hot wings, chicken fingers and/or bread sticks as side dishes.

Have fun!

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