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Do You Have Fairies at Your Camp?

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Young kids love the idea of fairies, little magical beings that have wings. Tinker Bell has been the sidekick of Peter Pan for many years, but she is arguably more popular than Peter with some youngsters.

Recently I was on the ACA message boards. It seems that most of the regular posters on the message board are staff members from Girl Scout camps. From what I could gather, fairies are the unofficial mascot of the Brownie Girl Scouts. Based on that, many of the camps have “fairies” as part of the camp culture. Below are some ways they bring fairies to life.

  • Fairies write letters to the campers that don’t get mail. The identity of these fairies is always kept secret.
  • If you write to the Prairie Fairy she will write back. Sometimes she leaves snacks in the dining hall for campers late at night.
  • Fairies can turn into animals at one camp.
  • One camp staff mentioned how at midnight they would wake the girls and take them to another building where they would have snacks and play games for a while. Then they would put the girls back to bed and clean up all the evidence. The next morning the staff would pretend they had no idea what the girls were talking about and that the fairies must have given them good dreams.
  • One camp builds fairy houses and places them in the woods and sprinkle glitter over them. When the girls go for an overnight, the counselors will sprinkle glitter over some of the sleeping bags and tell the campers that fairies danced over them during the night.
  • Another camp has the campers build the fairy homes.

If you want to make fairy houses, there is a neat book that one of the girl scout camp counselors recommends. It’s called Fairy Houses…Everywhere!

If you’re up for it, having a Fairy Land may be a lot of work, but it would be a magical thing to start at your camp.


  • The brownie scouts probably have the fairie as their mascott because a “brownie” is a type of irish household fairie that stuck with a family and did little good deeds for the home if the people living within were good folks. According to irish and scottish folklore they would come out at night and mend shoes, darn socks, or leave gold for the lucky folks living there. The family would leave little gifts in return (often fairie sized clothing or portions of food) for in Irish folklore it was a dangerous thing to offend the fairies.Just an FYI for anyone interested.

  • i work at a Girl Scout residential camp, and we do fairy hikes, similar to one of your posts. However, the older campers dress up as fairies using the fancy dress, and wake up the brownies and play games with them for about ten minutes, the councilors stay hidden, but so they can still keep an eye on everything. the older girls who pretend to be the fairies take glitter with them as fairy dust, and sprinkle it around the tents/cabins. the next morning the brownies are really excited and cant wait to tell the staff, adn even though the glitter is still there we pretend we cant see it, nor that we knew anything about fairies coming. it really is great, some campers talk about it for days!

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