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10 Fun and Unique Kayaking (or Canoe) Games

This is a guest post that has been edited by Curt.

Kayaking has been a popular activity for adults since forever, but these days young people are getting into kayaking, as well. With all the pressure of academics and extracurricular activities, it is vital for children to engage in activities that they find enjoyable and relaxing.

Following are a few kayaking (or canoe) games you can run at camp.


Listed are the games that help the kids building different kinds of skills.

Everyone loves basketball, especially kids. Unlike your typical basketball games on land, “kayak basketball” isn’t limited to just two teams. Two double kayaks, one for each team, is needed for the “baskets”. The ball used in this game could be either a tennis ball or a floating squishee. With the cockpit as a basket, each team’s goal is to make a shot in another team’s basket. The team that scores first, wins the match. This game helps build team playing skills.

Similar to kayak basketball, this game also allows teams to score by throwing the ball around.

While paddling around, one camper (or staff person) is it and chases the others. Whoever gets caught will have to be “it” next.

While paddling the kayak, ask the campers to travel in circles as quickly as possible. You can also have the move in a pattern, which will increase their enthusiasm for paddling. Plus, it’s good exercise, helping them tone their arms and legs while finding a rhythm.

This is a great trust-building activity and an exercise in balance. While one camper is walking along the body of a double kayak (or canoe or raft), he/she is entirely dependent on the other camper keeping the boat steady in order to stay dry.


Listed are the games that help the kids building different kinds of skills on land.

When returning to land, ask the campers to remain with their team (or partner). Call two teams up at a time and give them a knot to tie. One camper ties the knot and the other unties it. The quicker team moves on to the next round.

Divide the kids into two teams. Provide them with a list of boating or waterfront items you have hidden on in the area. Include some hints. Whichever teams finds all the items first, wins.

Remove all the pieces of each kayak (rudders, drainplugs, cords, hatch covers, etc.) Line up the kayaks on the shore. Ask the campers to get it ready for launch, and show them a specifically marked place on the water. The camper or team that gets to the marked position first with all the gear attached properly to the kayak will be the winner.

After a full day of paddling, nothing can beat hanging out with a group of friends sitting around a bonfire and guessing what is being acted or drawn out.

While not a kayaking game, this one is fun to do with kayaking partners. Call on five kayaking partners in pairs. Place a blindfold on one partner, and have him/her stand on one side of the playing area while the other one stands straight ahead on the other side. With buckets on both ends, each camper without a blindfold verbally instructs their blindfolded partner to pick up one ball at a time, walk his or her way through the playing area and deposit it in the bucket. Then they do the same thing going back, depositing the next ball in the other bucket. The team with most transferred balls wins.

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