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Change the Color of Your Campfires

Recently, I had the opportunity to try out a product called Magical Flames. It’s a packet of chemicals that, when thrown into a wood fire, changes the color of the flames. Well, it doesn’t exactly change the color of the flames so much as it adds a bit of color to the flames.

magical-flames1When I first heard of Magical Flames, and it’s competition Mystical Fire, I looked up reviews online. The images (like the one to the right) made it look so vibrant, as though the fire was completely transformed into this rainbow of color. Then the reviews said that these images were misleading. So, I dismissed the product and didn’t think about it again.

magical-flames2Fast forward a couple of years later and I was given a couple of packets by a friend. The night after that we had a campfire and, after we were done making s’mores, I threw one of the packets in. It was AMAZING. No, it wasn’t this explosion of color, it was a subtle addition of blues, pinks and greens, much like the second image I have here. We were all transfixed, staring into the fire as the colors danced around.

I can see how this would be a really neat addition to any campfire, especially if used to enhance a story. I suggest you get a box of either the Magical Flames or the Mystical Fire so you can have them ready all summer long. I find they last between 30-60 minutes.


  • Do not use these if you plan on using the fire to cook afterwards.
  • Do not use if there is a breeze that will blow smoke into camper’s eyes.
  • Both companies suggest throwing in multiple packets at one time. We used one packet and it worked great. Depending on the size of your audience and the distance they are sitting away from the fire, perhaps a few packets would be appropriate.

If you’re the DIY kind of person, check out CampfireDude.com to see which chemicals you can use for different colors.

Magical Flames 25-pack: TWICE THE COLOR, half the price! Creates Vibrant, Rainbow Colored Flames
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Mystical Fire Flame Colorant Vibrant Long-Lasting Pulsating Flame Color Changer for Indoor or Outdoor Use 0.882 oz Packets 25- Count Box
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