Theme of the Week – Time Travelers

Theme of the Week is a post where we ask readers like you to comment with ideas for a particular theme. What ideas and suggestions do you have? What game, craft, apparel choice, theme meal, evening activity, special event, song, skit, or anything else would you do at camp if your theme was…

Time Travelers

I will kick off the theme with five suggestions.

  1. Have a counselor dress up as caveman and introduce a dinosaur hunt. The campers then go out into camp and try to find as many dinosaurs as possible. The dinosaurs can be small plastic dino toys, stuffed animals, or paper cut-outs posted up around the area.
  2. Each day can be a different theme within the weekly theme of Time Travelers; Pirates, Wild West, Renaissance, Roaring 20s, etc.
  3. Have a special event where different parts of camp are set-up as different times in history. As the cabin groups travel through time they have to accomplish a task from each era. For example, in the Renaissance area they have to identify 5 inventions of Leonardo da Vinci.
  4. If doing a different time in history each day, have the staff come up with and perform a skit to introduce the day.
  5. Build a time machine as a craft project. Bring out various craft supplies and let the campers use their imagination.


  • You could have each cabin group design/build a car (from any date they choose – past, present, or future) as a craft project. Then have the cabins “drive” their cars to a drive-in. Hang a huge screen outdoors between two trees, setup a video projector & sound system, and enjoy a movie. Don’t forget the popcorn.

  • Have each camper build a time capsule. If it’s a camp where many campers normally return for the next year, have all the campers build a time capsule for the camp to be opened the next year.

  • -Have a going away party before going through or using the time machine.
    -Find out games from those time periods and play them.
    -If doing the 1920’s talk about baseball!
    -Learn different languages or dances from the different times and places.
    -Have a training before going. In case of Dinos do blank, in case of Pirates, try to blend in with them, and so on.
    -Have a captains log.

    Captains Log Day 3
    We have now fixed the time machine. No thanks to _______ for putting peanut butter on the controls. It looks like we are heading home.

    hour later- Captains Log Day 3
    Peanut Butter still giving us issue. Instead of heading home we seemed to go back in history millions of years. Working quickly to remove peanut butter. We have been hearing loud roars. We might be with dinos, Send Help!

    -Skits about going back in time.
    -time capsule

  • The campers can do a collage or memory board based on the day, month and year they were born. They can bring memorabilia from home to help them with the project.

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