Theme of the Week – Holidays

Theme of the Week is a post where we ask readers like you to comment with ideas for a particular theme. What ideas and suggestions do you have? What game, craft, apparel choice, theme meal, evening activity, special event, song, skit, or anything else would you do at camp if your theme was…


Below are five ideas. Leave your suggestions in the comments area below.

  1. Christmas gift exchange
  2. Haunted hay rides
  3. Easter egg hunts
  4. Turkey feast
  5. Fourth of July carnival


  • We have a theme every Thursday. For our 7 Holidays in an Afternoon we begin with a New Year’s count down. We build a champagne glass tower (using plastic champagne cups) and pour ginger-ale. For St. Patricks Day we have a Leprechaun treasure hunt, make cards for Valentine’s Day Cards.

    • @Kelly – I like the idea of Holiday Thursdays (or whatever day of the week) instead of all the holidays in one week. And who wouldn’t love a Leprechaun treasure hunt. 🙂

  • How about another holiday can be Fourth of July…at night all of the campers can send off fireworks. And maybe on Valentines day campers can make treats and send it to their closest friend

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