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Theme of the Week is a post where we ask readers like you to comment with ideas for a particular theme. What ideas and suggestions do you have? What game, craft, apparel choice, theme meal, evening activity, special event, song, skit, or anything else would you do at camp if your theme was…

Teddy Bear Adventures

Below are five ideas. Leave your suggestions in the comments area below.

  1. There are a number of companies online that sell stuff-a-bear kits. Campers can choose their bear and then stuff and add accesories.
  2. Teddy bears accompany campers to all activities. Have you ever seen a teddy bear zipline before?
  3. On the teambuilding course take the teddy bears and place them at the end of a challenge. Let the campers know that they must complete the challenge to save the teddies.
  4. Teddy Bear hunt. Kidnap one of the teddy bears and let the campers solve the mystery in a CSI type of activity.
  5. Have campers create scenes with their teddy bears doing things like playing sports or having a picnic. Then take pictures of the scenes and hold a Teddy Bears in Action slide show.


  • I like the idea of children coming up with skits involving “real” issues to see how they problemsolve as a team, with the teddy bears. Bullying is a very current and serious issue and could be taught how to handle by using the teddy bears as puppets.

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