Theme of the Week – Leadership

Theme of the Week is a post where we ask readers like you to comment with ideas for a particular theme. What ideas and suggestions do you have? What game, craft, apparel choice, theme meal, evening activity, special event, song, skit, or anything else would you do at camp if your theme was…


Below are my five suggestions. Think you got one better? Leave it in the comments area below.

  1. First and foremost you must do some team-building. Whether it’s with initiatives or low ropes elements, team-building programs with a good facilitator can really highlight the attributes of a good leader.
  2. Hold discussions either in small cabin groups or larger. Questions like, “What makes a good leader?” or “How can someone who is not popular be a leader at school?” are good starters.
  3. Take a long hike with a group and have the campers all take turns leading the hike. Allow them to take the paths they want.
  4. Have groups create skits that highlight leadership qualities.
  5. Role play different scenarios. Then discuss what everyone thinks a leader should do in that situation.

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