3 Kid-Friendly Snowman Crafts

Snowmen are one of the best things about winter. With their distinctive bodies, carrot noses, and top hats, they make the holidays fun for children. But when the weather gets too cold and you can’t take the kids outside to play, what do you do? You make snowman crafts!

Snowman crafts are smaller, more creative snowmen that can be made indoors. All you need for snowman crafts are simple items that can be used to recreate a snowman. There are numerous snowman crafts that you can make with your children. Here are three that we really like.

The Paper Plate Snowman

The paper plate snowman is one of the easiest snowman crafts out there. Even toddlers can make one of these. To make this snowman you need 2 paper plates, tape or glue, colored paper (orange and black), buttons, felt, and a pair of scissors.

  1. Cut out the inner part of one paper plate to be the head.
  2. Turn the “body” paper plate upside down.
  3. Glue, tape or staple the “head” plate to the “body” plate. 
  4. Glue buttons to the head for eyes.
  5. Next, cut out a triangle nose from the orange paper and glue it under the snowman’s eyes.
  6. Cut out a small top hat from black construction paper and glue it to the head.
  7. Blue three larger buttons to the body.
  8. Cut out a scarf from felt and glue it between the first and second paper plate and your paper plate snowman is complete!

The Foam Cup Snowman

The foam cup snowman allows your kids to give the snowman earmuffs. You can even match it up with a scarf! The foam cup snowman is a great pastime craft kids will enjoy. To make this snowman you need a white foam cup, pompoms, felt, glue, scissors, black colored pen, and a pipe cleaner.

  1. To make the scarf, cut a long strip of felt and then make fringes on both ends with scissors.
  2. Turn your cup upside down and glue the scarf over the middle of the cup.
  3. For the nose, cut a small triangle from orange felt or construction paper and glue it on top of the scarf, where the nose should be.
  4. Cut the pipe cleaner to make the earmuff. Bend it over the top of the cup (your snowman’s head) and cut them where you want your snowman’s ears to be. Glue two pompoms to the ends of the pipe cleaners.
  5. Lastly, draw the eyes of your snowman with your black colored pen.

Congratulations, your foam cup snowman is ready!

The Toilet Paper Snowman

The toilet paper snowman is so simple yet interesting to craft. To make it you need glue, black pen, toilet paper rolls, pom poms, pipe cleaners, and construction paper (orange, white and black).

  1. Begin by covering your toilet roll with white construction paper.
  2. Make your snowman’s face by gluing cutouts to the face. Cut orange cardstock for the nose and black cardstock for the eyes. You can draw your snowman’s mouth with a pen.
  3. For the earmuff, glue a pipe cleaner over the top of the snowman until it gets to ears. Glue pompom balls to the end of the pipe cleaner, and you have earmuffs!
  4. Lastly, give your snowman hands by getting little sticks and gently push them into the side of the toilet paper roll. (optional)

These three snowman crafts explained above are sure to create the best Christmas memories for your kids. Start crafting today!

Original post written by Eseandre Otomiewor.
Edits, additions and changes made by Curt Jackson.
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