10 Christmas Themed Foods Kids Can Make

Christmas is the perfect time to enjoy a fun activity with children. What a better way to spend time with little ones than cooking holiday-inspired food? It is also a great activity for those cold, snowy days that keep them inside the house. The best part is you can choose from a wide range of kid-friendly recipes.

Here are 10 Christmas-themed foods you can make with your child.

Christmas Brownie Trees

Brownies shaped like little Christmas trees are perfect for the holiday season. Kids are sure to enjoy decorating these sweet trees with green icing and colorful sprinkles.
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Reindeer Mix

With no baking necessary, kids can easily put together a reindeer-themed mix for snack time or guests. All you need are chocolate muddy buddies made with Chex mix, as well as pretzels, peanut butter cups and holiday M&M’s.
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Candy Cane Cookie Sandwiches

A fun twist on holiday treats, these cookie sandwiches feature peppermint frosting between two chocolate cookies. Children can help bake and assemble these sweet, minty cookie sandwiches.
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Christmas Popcorn

What is a holiday event without a little Christmas popcorn? In addition to popcorn, the mix includes holiday M&M’s, candy cane bits and white chocolate, and it is drizzled in red and green candy coating for a festive look.
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Mini Hot Dog Wraps Wreath

When you need a break from the sweets, have the kids help make mini hot dogs wrapped in crescent dough rolls. They can also help arrange the wraps to resemble a wreath, which you can finish off with a bow-shaped red bell pepper.
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Christmas Tree Vegetable Tray

Encourage children to eat healthy by asking them to arrange a Christmas tree vegetable tray. Imagine broccoli, cherry tomatoes and other healthy snacks arranged to look like a Christmas tree, complete with a star at the top.
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Snowman Pancakes

Breakfast is sure to be a hit with a batch of snowman pancakes. After cooking and arranging three round pancakes, kids can decorate their snowman with fruit, chocolate chips and pretzel sticks.
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Christmas Chocolate Apple Pops

You can add more fruit to the menu by helping your children prepare chocolate dipped apple pops, Christmas style! These tasty slices are dipped in chocolate, covered in holiday-colored sprinkles and attached to a long lollipop stick.
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Christmas Present Pretzels

Christmas present pretzels are not only adorable but easy to make with kids. You can even give children the role of decorating the top of each square pretzel with melted chocolate and holiday M&M’s.
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Mini Gingerbread Houses

The Christmas season is not complete until you decorate mini gingerbread houses. Imagine how excited your kids are going to be to create an edible gingerbread house out of graham crackers, frosting and colorful candy.
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If you are making more than one treat with your kids, consider combining them to create a fun display. One idea is placing the Christmas present pretzels under the Christmas brownie trees, or you can add the Christmas popcorn to the mini gingerbread houses. You can even put your own twist on these ideas, such as using graham crackers, frosting, candy canes and candy to make Santa’s sleigh instead of a gingerbread house.

It is understandable to not want your children to fill up on candy, and this is why you can find holiday-inspired ideas for mini hot dog wraps and a vegetable tray on the list. In addition, a batch of snowman pancakes are perfect for Christmas morning. It is good to find a balance between appetizers, healthy snacks and sweet treats.

Whether you are preparing for a gathering or keeping your children occupied, let them spend time in the kitchen with you where you can make fun treats and wonderful memories.

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