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Thing-a-ma-bob…An Evening Program

I don’t remember where I first read about this evening activity, but I can tell you that the times I ran it the campers really got into the whole thing.

DESCRIPTION: The idea is that the cabin groups find different items in the forest and their cabins to create a Thing-a-ma-bob.

  1. The Thing-a-ma-bob must have a purpose. It doesn’t matter what purpose it serves (it could be totally made up, such as “a trap for forest fairies”).
  2. Each Thing-a-ma-bob must be made up of mostly things you would find in the forest (or around your camp). Cabin groups can use twine, glue, etc to bind the items together, but that should be all they need from their cabins or craft shack.


  1. During dinner explain that each group must gather their items and create their Thing-a-ma-bob.
  2. They need to decided what the Thing-a-ma-bob does, its purpose, and they need to name their “product”.
  3. Then they must write a 1-2 minute sales pitch as though they are trying to sell it to us. Let them know that one (or two) of the campers in their group needs to give the sales presentation/pitch, one camper needs to show it off during the presentation and the rest of the cabin will stand behind them during it. Posters and costumes are encouraged.
  4. After dinner give the groups a good amount of time to create their product, write their sales pitch and practice.
  5. Everyone meets at the campfire area or in the dining hall.


  1. Have each cabin present their Thing-a-ma-bob, starting with the youngest.
  2. Judges score them on the product/Thing-a-ma-bob itself and the presentation.
  3. You can give prizes to the winners of each unit or age group.

It’s incredible to see what the campers come up with. Whenever we would do this program everyone would be laughing the whole time. It was always a great evening.



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