Theme of the Week – Stars and Stripes

Theme of the Week is a post where we ask readers like you to comment with ideas for a particular theme. What ideas and suggestions do you have? What game, craft, apparel choice, theme meal, evening activity, special event, song, skit, or anything else would you do at camp if your theme was…

Stars and Stripes

Below are five ideas. Leave your suggestions in the comments area below.

  1. North vs. South Capture the Flag.
  2. Hold and election for camp president.
  3. With the help of the campers and staff create a Camp Declaration of Independence.
  4. Create a gold rush. Hide gold painted rocks and have the kids dig them up.
  5. Have a BBQ with good ole’ American food (hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, etc.)


  • For 4th of July week at camp every summer we have a few traditions.
    1)We have a “Red, White and Blue Games” event where the entire camp is split up into three teams (Red, White and Blue). Each team has a designated captain and participants wear their color and face paint to show their team spirit. Teams compete in relay events, watermelon eating contest, tug of war, egg toss, etc. Each team also decorates a team flag to have at the event. Extra points are always given to the team that shows the most team spirit and the team that has good sportsmanship!

    2) we have a big fireworks show at the end of the week. This does cost money and a lot of preparation. However, it is really fun to take all the campers down by the lake and watch the fireworks set off over the water!

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