Theme of the Week – Dinosaurs

Theme of the Week is a post where we ask readers like you to comment with ideas for a particular theme. What ideas and suggestions do you have? What game, craft, apparel choice, theme meal, evening activity, special event, song, skit, or anything else would you do at camp if your theme was…


Below are five of my ideas. Leave yours in the comments area below.

  1. Make dino eggs.
  2. Go on a scavenger or treasure hunt for a dinosaur egg (watermelon).
  3. Create a dinosaur fossil dig site. Here are 5 ways.
  4. Do the Dinosaur Stomp with Koo Koo Kangaroo.
  5. Do one of these 50 crafts and activities. Like excavating dinosaurs from ice.

Okay, your turn. What are you great ideas?


  • I am a Camp Director at a Recreation Sports Camp. We had a “Dinosaur Adventure” Theme Day two summers ago after Jurassic World came out. Field games are huge part of our camp. The themed games were:

    Jurassic Park Tag
    Choose one person to be the Tyrannosaurus Rex and give that person a red dodgeball.? This dinosaur eats meat but has bad eyesight.? If a “person” is standing still they can not be tagged by the T-Rex.? This dinosaur may only tag their prey.? Choose one person to be a Diloposaurus.? This dinosaur spits!!? Give this dinosaur a different colored ball.? They may throw the ball and hit a “person” below the shoulders.? They have good eye-sight so if their prey is standing still they can “get” them.
    Choose 2 people and give them each a colored ball different from the others.? These are the Vilocoraptors.? They hunt in twos or in packs.? They can only tag their prey together at the same time. They eventually (especially the older ones) figure out they have to corner their prey or follow the T-Rex around and wait for their prey to stand still.? If you are tagged by any meat eating dinosaur you sit down. Choose two people and give them each a scooter board.? They are the Brontosaurus which are plant eating dinosaur.? They do not eat the “people” and will unfreeze those who have been frozen.? The Brontosaurus can’t be tagged by the meat eating dinosaurs.?

    Dinosaur Prowl
    In this game, the T-Rex, Dilophosaurus, and Raptors are the taggers and each get dodgeballs. The Triceritops are the free-ers and sit on scooters. The T-Rex has to tag with the dodgeball (simulating a bite), the Dilophosaurus has to tag by throwing the dodgeball and hitting a player (simulating poison spit), and the 2 raptors have to work together and tag a player at the exact same time (simulating a tag-team takedown). Any player who is tagged must sit where tagged until the Tricertops comes around and frees them.

    Dinosaur Egg Transfer
    Dinosaur Egg Transfer is a team challenge that requires “paleontologists’ to work together to move the “dinosaur egg” to safety. The team needs to move a “dinosaur egg” using 2 bull rings. One group of paleontologist must transfer the egg to the other bullring without dropping it, the team must communicate and cooperate!

    Dribbling With Dinosaurs
    Set up a dinosaur jungle or cave in the middle of the activity area using small cones. Scatter poly spots on both sides of the dinosaur cave. Choose four students to be the dinosaurs (taggers). Dinosaurs will wear the green pinnies and can even decide the type of dinosaur they want to be (e.g. tyrannosaurus). These students will then partner up and lock elbows or hold hands (2 students = 1 dinosaur). They will roam the area inside the cones (the dinosaur cave). The size of the class will dictate the number of dinosaur taggers. Due to their colossal size, the dinosaurs can only walk. Remind them to tag gently and cooperate.
    The rest of the students are the explorers or archaeologists. They must carefully use a one-handed dribble through the dinosaur-infested cave to the other side of dinosaur land. The more times an explorer can travel back and forth without getting tagged or losing control of their ball, the more powerful and knowledgeable they become (they can even keep count). If an explorer gets tagged or loses control of their ball, they must retreat to the side of dinosaur land they just came from and find a poly spot. Then, they must use their non-dominant hand and dribble ten (or a number the teacher identifies) times on the spot (when an explorer gets tagged by a dinosaur, they lose energy and this will replace the lost energy). If the ball bounces or rolls to the side of dinosaur land that they were traveling towards, they can find a poly spot on that side.

    Capture the Dino Eggs
    Put all ball in the middle of the field-dinosaur nest. Teams of students run fast, and raid balls from a nest fin the middle of the field. They take the balls (dinosaur eggs) back to their own base. Continue until all “eggs” are collected. Team with most-wins. Variations-use hockey stick, lacrosse sticks or soccer drilling

    Establish a start and finish line. All the players line up at the start line except one who is the Stone (or Fossil). The Stone crouches between the start and the finish lines. When you say “Go,” the players at the start line tiptoe toward the finish line. At any point, you can call, “The Stone is alive! Run!” At this point, everyone runs to the finish line or back to the start line, and the Stone tries to tag players. If a player is tagged by the Stone before reaching either line, this player becomes a Stone too. Players who reach the finish line rest and watch the rest of the game. To play noncompetitively (appropriate for kindergarten), the last player to be made a Stone becomes the next one to yell “The Stone is alive! Run!” in the next round.

    Dinosaur Tag
    Likened to the water game sharks and minnows, dinosaur tag has all of the kids line up on a wall (or on one end of a field). These dinosaurs are the prey. Then, depending on the size of the group, two or three dinosaurs are in the middle; they are the predators. As the prey run across the field, the predators attempt to tag as many as possible before they reach the other side of the field. As kids are tagged, they transform from prey to predator! By the end of the game, only a few remaining prey will be left. Let the kids vote beforehand on what kind of dinosaur is the predator and what kind is the prey; they love being part of the process, and it’s a great learning opportunity!
    Other Variations:

    What time is it, Mr. Dinosaur? – based on What time is it, Mr. Fox?

    Steal the Dinosaur Egg- Capture the Flag with Multiple Balls to Steal from the other team

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