Medieval Times Theme

Recently, on Facebook, someone asked for some suggestions for a Medieval Times Camp. I recommended that she check out the Knights and Princesses post. I also have some other ideas…

  • Joust with fun noodles.
  • Each cabin group creates a castle with boxes, foam or any other objects you can find.
  • The groups now try to take down the other castles with water balloon slingshots, paintballs, Frisbees or any other projectile.
  • If you want to offer an engineering project, have the groups build small castles and small catapults to destroy the castles.
  • Instead of playing Bat and Moth, make it Dragon and Knight.
  • The compass was invented during the Medieval times. Create a fun orienteering course.
  • Have you heard of Merlin? Teach some magic.
  • Serve huge turkey legs for lunch or dinner.
  • Jesters juggle. Teach juggling.
  • Crown a king and queen of the day.
  • Have morning announcements read from a scroll.
  • Capture the Flag is now Capture the Crown.
  • Check out these crafts.
  • Gather your knights and go on a Black Wizard hunt.
  • Gather the towns people (campers) and search for the King’s treasure.
  • Have groups create their own coat of arms.
  • Learn sword play for the stage. Bring in a sword expert or stuntman.
  • Have a falcon handler visit camp.
  • Use hour glasses and sundials to keep time.
  • Go over one value of the Knight’s Code every morning.

All for one and one for all!


  • If you’re interested in a medieval theme you should definitely contact your local branch of the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) and see if they’re available to do a demo! The SCA is a not for profit educational group that studies medieval history and culture through making the things people made, doing the things they did and wearing the clothes they wore.For example my area of interest is medieval cooking and my husband’s is medieval games and those are just two examples of the many things folks study. I am active in my local branch and we often do demos for scouts, camps and schools. You can locate your local branch at you’ll want to look for the local Seneschale or Chatelaine (although the office title may vary by region).

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