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Making a Music Video – A Great Summer Camp Project

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I came across the video below and thought, “How fun would it be to get some kids together and make a video like that?!”. It would be a fantastic summer camp project.

What makes this video so great is that everybody in the video is so into it. I love that. I’m sure your campers will really get into it as well, especially if they know that the whole camp will get a chance to see it.

Here’s how to get started.

  1. Choose an appropriate song, something meaningful.
  2. Get some staff together (or some of the older campers) and plan out the basics of the video.
  3. Get your kids together and have each of them take a part of the song to lip sync. Allow them to have some input on how they want to do their part…using facial expressions, lip syncing it with a friend, adding a spin, etc.
  4. Play the song so that it will be heard by everyone.
  5. Practice, practice, practice…over and over until everyone has it right. If you do it like the video below it’ll be one continuous shot, so when someone makes a mistake (like a few of them did in the video) you’ll have to keep the mistake(s) in or shoot the whole thing over from the start.
  6. Film it – using whatever video camera you have. You don’t need anything fancy. You can even use your phone.
  7. Edit it – add the music to the video, syncing the music correctly. Add credits at the end.
  8. Screen it – Use a projector and show it to the whole camp. This can be part of another evening activity or during a meal in the dining hall.
  9. Post it – on your website and/or YouTube.

Sure it may not look as polished as the video here (they have professional equipment), but you’re sure to have a great time.

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