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These Game Show Buzzers are So Cool!

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I enjoy running game shows and trivia contests with staff and campers. Here are a few that I have done in the past.

  • Family Feud
  • The Hermione Challenge (Harry Potter Camp)
  • Who Wants to Be a Wizard (Harry Potter Camp)
  • The District Game Show (Hunger Games Camp)
  • raise handsDouble Dare
  • The Great Staff Trivia Challenge
  • Are You Smarter Than a Camper?
  • Name That Tune
  • Ultimate Charades
  • Staff Training Jeopardy

Whether I am running a game show for campers or testing my staff in a quiz show during staff training, there is one thing that all my game shows above have in common…buzzers.

Like most camps that run any kind of trivia contest or game show, I used to rely on the raising of hands. The first hand that goes up is chosen to answer the question. As you know this almost always causes arguments and feelings of unfairness because we are human and sometimes we don’t see that another person’s hand has gone up first. Or two hands go up at the same time, and we hem and haw about who should be the one to answer the question.

A couple of years ago I had had enough. I decided to look for game show buzzers that were easy to transport and had the ability to lock out the other buzzers. After considering a variety of buzzers I decided to go with Me First v.2 Wireless Game Buzzers. Why?

  • While they aren’t inexpensive, they are less expensive than the commercial game show buzzers.
  • They have the ability to lock out other contestants.
  • They are small and easily transportable.
  • The first buzzer pushed will light up green while the others are red.
  • No software or computer is needed.
  • The buttons can be reset using the facilitator’s button.
  • It’s all wireless.

If you run any sort of game show at camp or during your staff training I highly recommend the Me First v.2 Wireless Game Buzzers.

Trainers Warehouse Me First v.2 Wireless Game buzzers -- 12-User Set (12-Player + facilitator)
  • 13-piece starter kit includes 12 wireless light-up player buzzers (batteries included)
  • 1 facilitator control unit (batteries included)





  • Hey, Moose!

    In the past we have had great success with game shows, so this summer we did a game show every Thursday. For the most part they worked out great. We gave up the hand raising years ago and have moved onto the standing up first.

    After reading this post, I am excited, but I have a couple of questions. One, when we play our games, for example Family Feud, there are around four games of the Feud going on around our campus at the same time. Can these buzzers be used for each game at the same time or do they only act as one unit? So, could each Feud group get four buzzers and play in their own area or is this not able to happen?

    The other question is not buzzer related, just a general game show question. When you play a game show like “Are you Smarter Than a Camper?”, does your entire camp play at the same time? We always try to split up so there are not more than 20-25 per game since there is a lot of down time in game shows. Do you have this problem or do I need to work on my programming?

    Thanks so much,

    • Hi, Stephanie. The buzzers act as one unit, so you cannot break them up. There is only one main controller that resets the buzzers.

      As for game show programming, I tend to have the whole camp together. We will either rotate campers and staff into the game, giving everyone a chance to play, or we have groups play against other groups, or we have groups choose representatives for their group to play the game. For “Are You Smarter Than a Camper?” I have 2 staff contestants that can confer with each other during the game, 2 camper helpers, and 5 “smart” campers that were chosen by their cabin groups. During the game show I include the audience by giving away items (camp store credit, candy, lanyard supplies, friendship bracelet supplies, staff trading cards, etc.) for certain things they may have (orange shoe laces, penny, anything that says the camp name on it, etc.). This happens during our “intermission” times.

      We also are big on points at our camp. Color groups get points for all sorts of reasons. So, before the game show begins we have the color group captains guess how far the staff will get in the game show. At the end they are awarded points based on how close the staff came to their guesses. This makes it all a bit more exciting.

      And finally, we have some absurd questions that make all the campers laugh but would still be something the campers might know. For example, I remember one questions being, “What does Captain Underpants wear – besides underpants?” It’s all about providing a memorable and entertaining experience. I hope that helps.

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