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My 5 Favorite Picnic Games

I’m planning a community picnic and was trying to choose what games we were going to play. I have a list of almost 20 great, well-known picnic games and wanted to narrow it down to 5 of them. I decided to ask a group of 3rd graders what they thought. I was shocked to find that they had never played most of them. I thought to myself, “I am definitely going to introduce my favorite 5 to the campers this summer.”

Whether you’re holding a camp carnival, BBQ or just want to take a break from the normal camp routine, these 5 “picnic” games are fun to participate in AND watch. Most, possibly all, of you will recognize these awesome gems, but I’m going to go over them anyways.

Water Balloon Toss
Campers toss water filled balloons to their partners without breaking them. At the whistle campers toss their balloons to their partners. If the balloon is caught without busting then each camper takes one step backwards. Once the whistle blows, the balloons are again tossed to the partners. This continues until only one pair of campers is left with an in-tact water balloon.

The Cracker Whistlers
Have campers either line up shoulder to shoulder, or sit down at a table, and give them 2-4 saltine crackers. When the game starts campers must eat all the crackers and whistle the first part of a song, like Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. First camper to so wins. Word of caution – don’t stand too close unless you want to get sprayed by cracker bits.

Soda Chug
I know, I know, soda has gone the way of the dodo bird at schools and camps. I don’t care, I love this game. It cracks me up – especially if it comes out their nose. Rootbeer is usually a good choice for this game. Line the campers up and give each of them a can of soda. At the whistle, they begin chugging. The first one done wins.

Dizzy Bat
Line up the campers and have them hold their bat with the large end on the ground and the small end touching their foreheads. At the whistle the campers spin around the bat 10 times, drop the bat and run for the finish line. Well, at least they try to.

Three-Legged Race
Have the campers find a partner and get shoulder to shoulder with them. With a bandanna, or race bands, tie their inner legs together at the ankle. Line up all the teams. At the whistle they race to the finish line.

Have your camera ready and enjoy the Good Times!

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