Fun and Unique Items Found in Camp Stores

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When I went to resident camp as a kid I remember that they sold rabbit pelts. I thought they were so cool, so I bought one and had it for years. More recently I was intrigued by a camp that sold staff trading cards, so much so that I started making and selling them at the camp I was directing at the time. I have also seen some fun Color War items at camp stores like sunglasses, mini-towels, posters and more.

I recently posed the question, “What is the strangest thing you have sold in your camp store or have seen in other camp stores?” to a group of camp professionals.

Here were some of the answers…

“…we sell our own maple syrup in its own custom jug. Expensive start up costs, but parents love it.”
Bill W.


“…dime-in rings…”
Justin C.






“Razor sharp obsidian rock and caribou antler billets.”
Tony D.


Lollipops aka suckers with scorpions in them.”
Mandy K.


When I was a counsellor (many moons ago) I painted animal symbols on rocks and turned them into necklaces and sold them at my camp’s tuck shop. They actually sold really well. I made them in my free time at camp from rocks at camp.
Grego D.


We do have a camper who makes survival bracelets and sells them to save money for college. She’s 9 and she now sells to our camp as well as some of our sister camps.
Chris K.

survival bracelets2

“Mountain Dew Fuel. It lasted about 2 days before I figured out it wasn’t regular Dew. All camp games had a lot of energy for those days”
Mike G.



Some of these aren’t exactly strange, but they are fun and unique. I like that some have a story about them (having been made by a camper or director, etc.). What are some of the most fun or most unusual things YOU have seen at a camp store?

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