JotForm Will Keep Your Camp Enrollment Simple

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This is a sponsored article by JotForm.

One of the most tedious and time-consuming tasks for summer camp managers and directors is dealing with summer camp registration.

While registration forms are a critical component of the enrollment process, most camps aren’t taking advantage of form solutions that will automate and simplify their information collection process. They’re either still using paper forms or are spending way too much money on pricey software.

It’s time to say goodbye to all that hassle and hello to an affordable, all-inclusive registration tool, JotForm.

JotForm is a digital solution created for all kinds of camps. With JotForm, camps can easily collect camper registrations, sensitive medical information, enrollment fees, arrival details, and more. Check out a few reasons why you should consider JotForm for your camp’s information collection needs.

Easy to Use + Saves Precious Time

Summer camps are all about the experience. But believe it or not, the experience doesn’t start with the camp itself. It starts with the registration form. If your form is complicated from the back end or a pain for respondents to fill out, you can be sure it’s costing you business.

Ease of use and user experience are vital for attracting interest in your camp. Parents (for the most part) are the ones filling out the forms, and when you make their lives a touch easier, they will be forever grateful. You’ve heard the saying, “It’s the small things…” It’s no different for online forms.

JotForm’s motto is that it’s the easiest online form builder on the market. The company prioritizes ease of use. Because of the drag-and-drop interface, individuals with little to no technical skill can whip out a form in minutes.

Additionally, two form formats are offered through JotForm — Classic and Cards. Classic forms resemble traditional forms and display all questions on one screen so respondents can see everything they’ll be asked at once. Cards forms show one question per screen, which keeps parents from feeling overwhelmed by a page full of questions and helps them focus on the question at hand.

Both formats are also mobile friendly, meaning parents can fill out the form at their convenience.

Customize Look + Feel

Having a unique identity is a key differentiator to stand out from your competitors. The beauty of JotForm is that you have 100-percent control over how your form looks and feels. You can include your camp’s logo, brand colors, and special integrations to make your form resonate with your audience in the best possible way.

With JotForm camps also have the option to turn collected data into polished, professional-looking PDFs. This is a great perk for camps that need to have hard copies of important information on hand, such as camper health records or receipts for registration payments. With JotForm, you can also edit PDFs electronically.

Full form customization allows camps to control their information on the back end and create branded forms to attract more campers and parents on the front end.

Rich Features + HIPAA Compliance

Another key advantage of using JotForm is that your camp has access to hundreds of integrations and widgets. If you connect a Google Sheet to your forms, all of the collected data funnels directly into a spreadsheet for easy viewing.

Additionally, camps can also sync their forms with CRM (customer relationship management) software like Salesforce, email services such as Mailchimp, and many more.

Whether you’re starting a summer camp for the first time or running a camp that’s been around for a while, JotForm offers affordable plans depending on your needs. If you’re still in the research stage of your software search, JotForm has a free plan that gives a taste of how the form builder works. From there, camps have the option to upgrade to Bronze, Silver, or Gold depending on what their needs are.

A benefit of upgrading to Silver or Gold is that HIPAA compliance is offered. If your camp collects sensitive medical or health information, then being HIPAA complaint will safeguard you against any liabilities.

As you can see, JotForm helps camps keep their enrollment simple, so camp managers, parents, and campers can spend less time dealing with information and more time enjoying their summers!


This post was sponsored by JotForm, an all-inclusive summer camp registration solution that helps camps easily collect camper information, enrollment fees, parent feedback, and more.






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