60+ Theme Day Ideas

I have written three different lists of themes to be used for themes weeks.

Those themes are meant to encompass all of camp, from crafts to special events, games to meals. THIS list, however, is meant to give you ideas for theme days.

Fashion Themes

Many theme days are easy to run because often they are no more than suggestions on what to wear that day. Wacky Hat Wednesday would be an example. It doesn’t involve activities, crafts, meals or events. Sure, you could have a crazy hat runway show and a “Who Can Fill the Crazy Hat with Ping Pong Balls First” competition, but that’s overkill for this particular type of theme. These fun fashion types of themes are simple add-ons to your regular camp program.

Activity Themes

Some themes are not about the costuming, they are about the activities. Top Shot Tuesday is a good example of this. Activities for this theme day revolve around target skills (archery, bb guns, rock throwing, etc.). I suppose you could dress up as an Olympic athlete or a hunter, but that’s not the focus of these types of theme days.

Combination Themes

These are the themes that encompass both fashion and activities. On Fiesta Friday you can wear a serape and sombrero, bust open piƱatas, make maracas for a craft, eat Mexican food for lunch and play some mariachi music. You can do as little or as much as you want with a theme like this. Personally, I’m just here for a siesta.

If you go with one of these “big” combination themes, make sure you only do one each week. Why? Because it can become overwhelming really quickly if you decide to do these types of themes more frequently. On the other hand, if you want to plan a theme day every day, keep your sanity intact and go with the easy fashion theme days like Mustache Monday and Tie Dye Tuesday.

The List

This list includes easy themes and some “bigger” themes. Some themes focus on what to wear, while other themes focus on the activities for the day. It’s all about alliterations in this list. Each day has multiple theme suggestions (Thursday was a bit of a challenge). For theme days that I really like that wouldn’t fit in the alliteration list, I added a separate “Bonus” list afterward.

  1. Movie Character Monday – dress like your favorite movie character
  2. Mustache Monday – break out the fake mustaches
  3. Maker Monday – all about making things
  4. Mystery Monday – everything you do today is a mystery
  5. Maritime Monday – dress like a sailor or something from the sea
  6. Mission Impossible Monday – dress like a secret agent and accept a mission
  7. Music Monday – dress like a rockstar, play disco bingo, sing lots of camp songs
  8. Medieval Monday – knights, princess and dragons
  9. Mighty Jungle Monday – dress like a jungle animal
  10. Mythological Monday – togas and Greek gods
  11. Mad Science Monday – lab coats and fun science experiments
  12. Monster Monday – Monsters Inc, Monster High
  13. Marvel Monday – dress like your favorite Marvel superhero
  14. Mardi Gras Monday – beads and blues music
  15. Magic Monday – campers learn some magic
  16. Tie-Dye Tuesday – dress in a tie-dye shirt, do some tie-dying
  17. Twin Tuesday – dress like a friend
  18. Travel Tuesday – dress as tourists
  19. Tropical Tuesday – wear Hawaiian shirts, hula skirts, and leis
  20. Top Shot Tuesday – archery, BB guns, slingshots, paper airplanes into wastebaskets, basketball shooting, etc.
  21. Tournament Tuesday – competitions and tournaments
  22. No Tech Tuesday – cell phones stay at home, no technology today
  23. Totally Rad Tuesday – it’s all about the 80s
  24. Treasure Hunter Tuesday – dress like Indian Jones and go on a treasure hunt around camp
  25. Teddy Bear Tuesday – everyone brings in their teddy bears
  26. Time Travel Tuesday – use any time period in history to inspire your fashion choices
  27. Wilderness Wednesday – grab your flannel and dress like a lumberjack, or you could dress like a woodland creature
  28. Wacky Wednesday – dress as crazy as you want
  29. Wacky Hat Wednesday – keep the wackiness down to your headwear
  30. Walt Disney Wednesday – channel your inner Disney character
  31. Wild West Wednesday – cowboy hats and boots
  32. Water World Wednesday – lots of water games
  33. Wonderful World of Sports Wednesday – wear your favorite team jersey and play some sports
  34. When I Grow Up Wednesday – dress the way you would for the career you want when you grow up
  35. Wheels Wednesday – if it has wheels, it’s part of camp
  36. Wind and Sea Wednesday – it’s time to sail across the seven seas
  37. Willy Wonka Wednesday – candy and Oompa Loompas
  38. Around the World Wednesday – food, clothing and games from around the globe
  39. Wizard Wednesday – grab your wand and throw on a cloak, it’s time to cast a spell or two
  40. Throwback Thursday – dress from a time in the past
  41. That’s Incredible Thursday – campers show off their incredible talents
  42. Thriller Thursday – this can be Michael Jackson’s zombies or extreme sports, your choice
  43. Thanksgiving Thursday – focus on ways to give thanks
  44. Throwdown Thursday – campers challenge staff to a throwdown in any game or activity
  45. Theater Thursday – skits, drama, improv
  46. Thunder Thursday – it’s time to go big and bring the thunder
  47. Thoroughbred Thursday – horseshoes, stick horse races and more
  48. Thoughtfulness Thursday – explore ways everyone can be more thoughtful
  49. Thrilled About Game Shows Thursday – wear a wacky costume to be chosen as a contestant for the camp game show
  50. Freaky Friday – campers dress like a staff member and staff dress like a camper
  51. Flashback Friday – dress like you did at any other time in your past
  52. Fairytale Friday – dress like your favorite fairytale character
  53. Far, Far Away Friday – celebrate Star Wars or just another part of Earth that is far, far away
  54. Future Friday – what do you think we’ll be wearing in the future
  55. Fandom Friday – from Harry Potter to One Direction and everything in between
  56. Friendship Friday – through icebreaker games let’s make some new friends
  57. Famous Artists Friday – different art projects to highlight different artists
  58. Fiesta Friday – it’s Cinco de Mayo in July
  59. Fear Factor Friday – who’s up for trying some crazy food?
  60. Farm Friday – overalls and straw hats



  1. Pajama Day
  2. Crazy Hair Day
  3. Crazy Socks Day
  4. Denim Day
  5. Cartoon Character Day
  6. Emergency Services Day
  7. Celebrity Look-Alike Day
  8. Vs. Day – Red vs Blue, Marvel vs DC, Boys vs Girls
  9. Birthday Party Day
  10. Halloween Day
  11. Christmas in July Day
  12. Letter Theme Day – hold activities and make things beginning with a specific letter
  13. Pirate Day
  14. Rockstar Day
  15. Pop Culture Day
  16. Storybook Day
  17. Scottish Highlands Day
  18. Down Under Day
  19. The Orient Express Day
  20. Hollywood Day



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