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21 Ideas for Your FORTNITE Summer Camp Program

I am going to skip the part where I explain what Fortnite is. If you don’t know about this battle royale video game that everyone is playing, check out YouTube or Google. I am guessing that if you’re reading this article, you at least have a vague idea of what Fortnite is all about. 

However, you may not know about all the different aspects of the game from the boogie bombs to the Slurp Juice. While I suggest you do some online research to get better acquainted with the Fortnite (or better yet, play the game), you can use the ideas I have listed below as a starting point and grab a couple of staff members that are familiar with the game to plan out a larger event if you’d like.


  • If you use buses to transport your campers, consider turning one into a Battle Bus. No need to go crazy here, just paint it blue and spray paint ‘Battle Bus’ on the side. Inside the bus you can put up posters and add disco lights. Yeah, I know painting a whole bus is a bit extreme, and odds are none of you are going to do this, but if any camp did, their campers would go nuts. They would all want a ride in the Battle Bus.



  • Buy a couple of Llama Pinatas and fill them with loot (candy, toys, coins, trading cards or some other fun items). Then hang them from some unexpected spots where camper groups will stumble upon them by accident (maybe on a hike or behind the dining hall). Leave a stick or bat next to the piñata so the campers can take turns busting it open.
  • Have campers make a supply llama bookmark during crafts.
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  • Create a few loot-filled chests. Place whatever treasure you want in them. Then, place the chests around camp to be discovered.
  • If you decide to lock them and use key locks, hide the keys in different areas and leave clues or riddles on where to find them.
  • If you use number or word locks, leave clues or riddles around camp that will help campers with the combinations to the locks.
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  • Set up a target range with Fortnite inspired targets like paper characters, Lincoln Log or Lego structures, a cardboard battle bus, etc.
  • Create a training obstacles course using Nerf guns. It doesn’t have to be elaborate (like in this video), it can be very simple with equipment you already have available.
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  • On a hot day, bring out some water coolers filled with Chug Jug or Slurp Juice. Try using Blue Hawaiian Punch and throw in some Sprite for a nice kick.
  • The Cozy Campfire will replenish 2 health points per second for up to 25 seconds.. Campers better make one fast, whether that’s a craft, an edible treat or a fiery headband for their costume.



Building forts and ramps can be a crucial component to your Fortnite strategy.

  • Have campers search for cardboard boxes so they can create their own forts.
  • Have teams compete for the best cardboard fort. Keep them up, or you can have the teams use Nerf guns or water balloons to try and destroy them.
  • Provide craft supplies to create a miniature fort.



What’s a Fortnite theme without some crazy outfits?

  • Purchase some costumes like a Fortnite Rex costume or a Cuddle Team Leader mascot head.
  • Let campers raid your costume closet to come up with their own unique outfits, provided you have a costume closet, and if you don’t, you should. 
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Dance moves and emotes are a huge part of the fun on Fortnite, Here are a few ways to celebrate this. 

  • Hold a Dance Off. Have campers (and staff) choose their favorite Fortnite dance. 
  • Have campers or camper groups choose a dance out of a hat and hold a Dance Challenge. You may want to limit this to the original dances from the first few seasons, otherwise it can get to be a little much with as many dances there are these days…and more continue to be added.
  • Have camper groups create their own Unique Dance. They need to name it as well. Once they have created and rehearsed their new dance, they can perform it as a group in front of the whole camp.
  • Have a few staff offer a Fortnite Dance Class as an activity option.
  • Hang up pictures of Fortnite dance moves at the archery range. If a camper hits one of them, the archery instructor or one of the counselors have to do that dance.



Boogie bombs are grenades that make any player in Fortnite dance for 5 seconds if they are in the blast radius when it goes off.

  • Prep staff ahead of time that boogie bombs may show up, and to let their campers know that if one explodes near them they must do their favorite Fortnite dance for 5 seconds. Carry a few boogie bombs (water balloons) to throw at random times during camp. With a shout of “Boogie Bomb!”, throw the water balloon near a group and see what happens.
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Have you done a Fortnite program or are you planning one now? I’d love to hear some of your ideas.



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