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10 Reasons Batman Would Make a Great Camp Counselor

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If you do the hiring for your organization you know how difficult it is to find the right people. As camp professionals we have certain traits we are looking for.

Now imagine if Bruce Wayne applied to be a camp counselor. Although, I don’t know why he would want to. It would obviously not be for the money, he’s loaded. Maybe he just wants to give back. Now imagine he came to the interview as Batman. You would either be thinking, “This guy is crazy!”, or you’d be starstruck. After all this is Batman we’re talking about.

Now Batman may not be the most fun and enthusiastic person, he may not smile much and you may feel that he’s just not the type to sing camp songs, but before you file his application in the trash bin, allow me to give you 10 reasons why you should start calling his references instead.

1. His Origin Story


Bruce Wayne’s mother and father were shot dead in front of him when he was just a boy. A tragedy like this can help one empathize with others who have had a serious adversity in their life. Odds are some of your campers have gone through some tragedies of their own. I am certain Batman would listen and speak to these kids with compassion and understanding, giving them encouragement and good advice.

2. He Cares


Gotham could be considered a lost cause, and it was by many of it’s citizens. Batman, however, never gave up on his home city. He genuinely cares about the city and it’s citizens. If Batman came to appreciate the camp he worked at as much as most staff do, he would do just about anything for it. Think of the donations Wayne Industries would make to your camp. Yowzers!

3. Conviction


No matter what the objective is, if Batman says he’s going to do something, he follows through with immediate action. Imagine having staff that attack their responsibilities like that.

4. He Adapts


As camp professionals we have to be adaptable and we prefer to have staff that are adaptable, too. After all, there are a plenty of things that can happen at camp that you didn’t plan for, including emergencies, a change in weather, a sick staff member, etc. Batman knows how to adapt. With the wide variety of villains he comes across he has to be able to adapt his approach and his style of combat. He also needs to be able to keep his identities separate, which means he needs to be able to adapt his behavior depending on who he is, and who he’s with.

5. He Likes Young People


Just ask any of the Robins he took under his “wing”. The original Robin, Dick Grayson, was anywhere from 8-12 years old when Bruce Wayne adopted him. Batman has a tough exterior, but he has his soft side, too, and that mix will have campers wanting to be in Batman’s group for certain.

6. He Enjoys Wearing Costumes


A lot of counselors really get into camp themes by dressing up, but not all of them will. With Batman that isn’t a problem. He wears a bat costume, and he does it with confidence. With just a little encouragement I am sure he would take off the bat cape and cowl for a pirate or cowboy outfit. He also has friends that he could probably convince to be on staff for at least one summer, Robin and Batgirl, and they don’t mind dressing up either.

7. Stealth


The Dark Knight’s costume is black and gray, he prowls during the night (because that’s usually when the criminals are out in Gotham), and he can sneak up on you without making a sound. One of his best tactical advantages is his stealth. What a great skill to have when doing bed checks. Batman would be your best option for evening rounds. Not only that, but if he did find some campers sneaking out of the cabin or doing something inappropriate, all he would have to do is stand there and in his gruff voice tell them to get back to bed. I’m guessing those campers won’t try sneaking out again.

8. He Has a File on Everyone


Batman keeps notes on everyone, not only the villains but also his fellow supers. He documents their strengths and weaknesses just in case they decide to turn and go rogue. As a camp counselor, Batman would keep notes on his campers and other staff. When it’s someone’s birthday, he’ll be the one that remembers. When a camper returns the following summer, Batman will be the one that asks about his dog, Buster, who got injured in a fight at the dog park. Batman will be the one who remembers Daisy, the camper that can’t sleep without her favorite pillow and doesn’t like cheese in her eggs.

9. He’s Athletic


Batman is in top physical condition which would help him keep up with any and all of the campers in any situation, a long hike, an intense game of Capture the flag, a Color War 5k, etc. After all that he would still have the energy to build the campfire, set up a special event, or do just about anything else you needed done.

10. His Utility Belt


Batman always seems to have a gadget that will help him in whatever quest he’s on or get out of whatever trouble he’s in. Many of these gadgets come from his utility belt. While most of these gadgets and weapons might not be appropriate for camp, I think Batman would change them out for things that would help him as a camp counselor, like sunscreen for his campers, hip-pocket game supplies, a deck of cards, story tiles, first aid supplies, an epi-pen, and much more.

Bonus – He’s Great at Branding


When it comes to branding, Batman is a marketing genius. It starts with his logo which is simple and recognizable by just about everyone. Then we move on to his outfit. When you see those two pointy ears from his cowl and his flowing cape you know it’s Batman. And how about his car? There is no doubt it’s Batman when you see his car in your review mirror. It also helps Batman’s branding when Commissioner Gordon turns on the spotlight at night with the bat logo on it. And finally, Batman has one of the most unforgettable TV theme songs from his ’60s television series. Nananananananana Nananananananana Batman! If your camp needs some marketing help, just ask the Caped Crusader.


Have other reasons why Batman would make a great camp counselor if he took a hiatus from being Gotham’s guardian? Let me know in the Reply section below.



  • As a lifelong Batman find I like this a lot.
    And all of it is accurate! Not like some occasions where people try to use Batman as a model and end up saying some pretty wacky stuff…

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