SCP 61: Virtual Camp Storytelling – An Interview with Meghan Gardner from Guardian Adventures

Curt and Chris have a very awesome and timely conversation with Meghan from Guard Up. She runs an incredibly amazing camp on a normal year, but this year, she has created the coolest Virtual Camp ever!!! From Zombies, to Knights, to Wizards, she and her team have put together some seriously cool stuff! Best of all, you can buy and use her already created programs for your camp!!! 

Links for the Week:
Click here to check out the Guardian Adventures licensing program. While you’re on the site, check out all the in-person camps they offer during normal summers. 
Click here to watch Meghan’s webinar that has a bunch of tips and tricks on putting together a virtual camp. Note: this is not a pitch for her licensed programs. It’s full of general tips that any camp can use.







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