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Pet Rocks – A Summer Camp Project


Pet rocks are an Arts and Crafts director’s dream project. It’s easy, fun and time consuming.

Our Pet Rock program is a three part program.
PART 1: The kids find their pet rocks.
PART 2: The kids decorate their pet rocks.
PART 3: The kids present a sales pitch for their pet rocks.


PART 1: Adoption

The first thing you do is take your group on a hike to find their perfect pet rock. This is an important process for the owner of a pet rock. The kids won’t want to adopt just any rock. If you feel this will take too long then collect a few buckets of rocks ahead of time. The important part is that the kids get to pick their own pet rock.

PART 2: Decoration

At the crafts area let the kids draw, paint and glue. Kids will want to paint faces and glue eyes onto their pet rocks. This is contrary to the original pet rocks which had no eyes or mouths or anything else. They were just rocks (Yeah, people bought them. A lot of people bought them).

If time permits you might want to let the kids build houses or yards for their pet rocks using Popsicle sticks or whatever else the imagination can come up with.

PART 3: The Pitch

The older camper will have fun with this part of the program. Make it part of an evening program.

Let each of them come up with a 15-30 second sales pitch that they present in front of the rest of the group. Tell the kids that they are to pretend they’re at a pet auction and the audience is there to adopt. Their job is to convince them to adopt their pet rock. The things the campers come up with are very funny. You can also break them into teams of three or four. The team chooses one of their pets and presents a sales pitch as a group.

At the end of the program the campers will take their pets home and care for them. “Oh, you’re such a good pet rock.”


Keep it simple. There’s no need to get carried away with pet rock beauty pageants, pet rock races down a pinewood derby track, pet rock battle of the bands, pet rock karaoke, a pet rock movie, etc. That is, unless you really want to. ROCK ON!


Rocks…and any craft supplies that you want to put out (paint, markers, glue, eyes, yarn, Popsicle sticks, construction paper, scissors, etc.).

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