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Five Games You Can Play On a Deserted Island

This is a guest post by Todd Bently. 

Though the chances of you being shipwrecked or airwrecked on a deserted island with no hope of rescue for weeks, I thought it’d still be a good idea to list some interesting things you can do to still have fun on a deserted island.

I must admit, I’ve been recently a little too inspired by Lost, having watched all five seasons in two weeks (though, I’m a little late watching the series).

IDEA #1 – Coconut Tree Climbing Races

A deserted island is bound to have coconut trees, and what better way to have some fun than racing up the trees? Coconut tree climbing is fairly simple and requires a different skill in comparison to climbing a normal tree, since it has no branches and is very similar to rock climbing.

IDEA #2 – Coconut / Fruit Throwing Games

Now that we’ve covered one use of the coconut, here’s another – you can actually play throw and catch ball with smaller coconuts or other fruits that are available in the island.

Another interesting game you can play is to try and throw coconuts the farthest ( like a shot put ) or trying to dislodge coconuts on rocks with other coconuts. The possibilities are limitless 🙂

Coconuts are your biggest friend in a deserted island – they can entertain, feed and quench your thirst, literally!

IDEA #3 – Hopscotch

There are very few us from our generation who have failed to play hopscotch – though a lot of us may have grown out of it, this may be the right time to brush up on your long lost skills; especially, if you’re planning to spend a few weeks on a deserted island.

IDEA #4 – Hide and seek?!

Though it may not be a safe idea to play hide and seek in an unexplored island, if you’re stuck in a rather small one, it may be a great idea to entertain yourself for hours playing this classic game.

Imagine trying to seek someone in an island? It’s creepy and interesting at the same time.

IDEA #5 – Kabbadi

Now, here’s a real game that you can play on the beach sand – Kabbadi! It’s a popular Indian game which is making it’s way to the Olympics soon. Two teams playing against each other while trying to ‘raid’ the section of the opposition without getting caught.

Since the odds of ever finding yourself on a deserted island are low, it may just be fun to take a field-trip to an island off the coast for a day or two and have fun playing games close to nature!

Have more ideas about fun recreational games you can play in a remote island? share it with us in the comments section.


Todd likes to write interesting topics that engage readers. He’s affiliated with the Nipissing University and helps out with their School of Nursing and their School Of English Studies.

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