SCP 4: Pros and Cons of Camp Themes


Curt and Chris talk about Having Themes for Camp vs Not Having Themes.

  • Get kids excited for Camp
  • You can Program around the Theme (Activities, challenges, hunts, events
  • Themes help kids come to camp, or have returnees come back each year
  • Helps get the camp ready in advance (you have to decorate or plan ahead of time)
  • Forces All Camp Uniformity
  • Creates Whimsy and Fun
  • Great for Promotions and Marketing (Makes the brochures look more fun)
  • Keeps the Program Fresh, Staff Fresh, and especially Program Director Fresh
  • Great reason for staff to wear costumes (like they need another reason!)


  • Certain themes turn off some kids – Curt does only 1 day of that theme so if it does
    turn off some kids, the next day is something different.
  • Could be difficult and not as exciting if the Programmer is not “into” the theme
  • Added costs of purchasing themed décor and props
  • You’re stuck with it (whether you like it or not)
  • Takes a lot of prep work (but does help you get ready)

Have a Theme!
Both Curt and Chris agree that the pros greatly outweigh the cons and themes just make Camp even better!
Check out Curt’s Summer Camp Pro Page and the crazy amount of theme ideas he has here:
100 Summer Camp Themes
100 More Summer Camp Themes
100 Pop Culture Themes






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