6 Easy Forms All Camp Directors Can Create

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Whether it’s face painting, rope climbing, or making art and crafts, you and your staff put a lot into facilitating the best possible camp experience. You’re constantly thinking of ways to help out, so we’ve done a little crafting of our own to help simplify the way your camp collects information.

Below, we’ve put together six different types of JotForm online forms that will help you and your staff streamline things like registrations, payments, feedback, and more.

We’ll go ahead and jump into the first form, which is for the first thing your camp will need: registrations.


A useful registration tool makes data collection easy, accurate, and organized, while maintaining a visual aesthetic so that your camp is recognizable anywhere. It takes the paper out of the process and makes planning for all aspects of camp a lot less arduous for you and your staff. Intricacies like camp activities, dietary needs, and cabin spaces are some great examples that can all be efficiently recorded using quality online registration tools. After all, camp should be fun, so there’s no reason this process should have to be tedious and cumbersome.

Toward the end of these quick, easy (and don’t forget visually appealing!) registration forms, there’s usually a place to enter payment info.


This is where our payment enrollment forms come in. These forms are simple to set up, meaning any changes you’ll want to make will be relatively minor and in the realm of color and image themes — no coding required. And while it’s nice to have the option to easily enter payment info, JotForm forms allow for powerful payment integrations with many popular providers, such as PayPal, Stripe, Square, and So why not sync up one of many compatible payment providers and make the process easier on parents looking to enroll their children?


When it comes to other sensitive data collection, like camper healthcare information, being HIPAA compliant is a necessity. That’s why JotForm has an entire collection of themed healthcare forms to choose from, as well as the option to create your own form. Instead of surfing the web for HIPAA guidelines, you can spend more time guiding and teaching the kids at your camp. This way, with all the appropriate information to keep them healthy and safe, parents will have peace of mind knowing their kids are in good hands.

Another perk of using JotForm is that you can automatically turn collected camper healthcare information into polished, professional PDFs. JotForm has a built-in PDF Editor with a massive help guide on editing PDFs, so it’s easy to send copies of camper information to parents, camp counselors, or on-site nurses.


Now that we’re ready to go, let’s talk about setting up camp gear order forms for things like camp shirts, equipment, and gadgets. There’s no need to spend time and energy running a gift shop when you can keep your products front and center where most people visit much more often — the website. This allows you to sell items year-round, so anyone who passed up on a sweet tank top at camp can always go back and buy it online.

These forms are tailored to various products, minimizing any edits on your end. And step-by-step instructions walk you through the simple setup process and answer any questions you might run into before you have to ask them. Using these forms can help streamline yet another aspect of gathering camper registration and payment information while keeping the piles of paper at bay.


After all the work that goes into planning, setting up, and finding new and exciting ways to engage campers, receiving parent feedback can be invaluable.

Parent feedback forms can be helpful in many areas, so your forms should be well structured with the right kinds of questions in order to gather the most informative answers. JotForm feedback forms are tailored to specific industries and event types, taking much of the guesswork out of the process. Guessing games might go over well at camp, but, as we said, feedback can provide insight into much of your camp’s operations and help make things run even smoother moving forward, which makes guessing here a thing of the past.


The last form we’ll mention is our counselor applications form. You’ll need some help to make all of this come together, and even if your current team is beyond stellar, it makes sense to keep a sparkling application form ready to go. You need passionate, driven, hard-working people who bring something extra to your camp and continue to expand on the camp experience. These forms will do just that, while also maintaining the features mentioned earlier in our other forms, like a user-friendly design, safe data collection, and, of course, no paper.

Forms are necessary, but they don’t have to be bland. With the right capabilities and design, you can streamline the entire process, from funding to feedback. You and your staff will have more time and energy to spend actually running the camp, while parents will be greeted with hassle-free forms that make locking in their kiddos’ awesome summer camp plans that much easier.

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