3 Easy Ways to Collect Summer Camp Feedback

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Starting a summer camp and managing its operations is tricky without constructive feedback from staff, campers, and parents. Feedback is one thing that’s crucial to giving campers and their parents the best possible experience.

Direct, honest feedback from parents, in particular, provides camps with the data necessary to improve everything from meals to camp activities to communication! Check out our three best ways to collect summer camp feedback from parents.

1. In-person

Face-to-face feedback from a parent is one of the best types of feedback that your camp can get. It’s rare to have face time with parents, but when you do, it’s a prime chance to hear about their experiences.
If you get this opportunity, make sure to have a few questions in your back pocket, such as “How was the registration process for you? How is your camper liking camp so far? Do you have any concerns you’d like to bring to our attention?”

Since parents have your full attention, they’ll often be willing to open up about issues or concerns. Most of the feedback will be constructive, but sometimes there will be feedback that’s hard to hear. Try to keep your eyes on the bigger picture and know that all feedback is useful, especially when used to improve the greater good of your camp.

The only real major drawback of in-person feedback is that it takes extra time to receive and document. Since you’re meeting with someone face to face, you’ll have to take notes and then enter that data into the computer afterward, which can be time-consuming and restrict the number of parents you meet with.

2. Over-the-phone

When it comes to communicating over long distances, reaching out to parents via telephone is a super easy way to ask for feedback. Chatting on the phone fosters communication on the go, so parents are more likely to spare a few extra minutes because they know that they can chat while doing something else like grocery shopping or walking the dog.

When you ask for feedback over the phone, you’re able to get answers to a lot more questions. You can set up your notebook, laptop, note taking app, etc. and write out all of the feedback as it comes. This allows you to have all of the information in one home, making it easier in the long-run to go back and see what was said, then implement accordingly.

3. Online

Getting feedback online is by far the easiest of the three. Along with email and instant messaging, using other online tools, such as online forms allows you to communicate with parents when it’s most convenient for them – on their own time. This also increases the chances that they will give honest feedback since submitting online allows for anonymity.

A powerful online form builder like JotForm will enable you to not only collect summer camp registrations but also gather this kind of feedback. And since you’ll be getting the feedback online, you won’t have to reenter it somewhere else, which will save you time.

As you work to gather feedback from your camper’s parents, opt for a combination approach. Choose in-person, phone, and online feedback for the greatest reach and best results. This will increase the value of your information and decrease the number of parents who might fall through the communication cracks.


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