Why Should I Send My Kids to Camp? – 5 Resources

Have you had that conversation with a parent that just doesn’t understand the power of camp? Here are 5 resources that you can either direct parents to or will help you craft your own website page for parents that aren’t convinced camp is all that.

1. Dear Parents and Guardians Alike

A post on the ACA website.



2. Summer Camp: Great for Kids, Even Better for Parents

A post on Time magazine’s site.



3. Sleep Away Camp: A Different Kind of Classroom

A post at The Kid Scoop.



4. 7 Ways Summer Camp Encourages Self Realization

A post on Mama Dweeb.



5. 5 Life Lessons Going to Summer Camp Taught Me

A post at Levo League.


Here’s a BONUS from The Power of Camp.


All of the above resources were found on The Benefits of Camp Pinterest board created by Catalina Island Camps.

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