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My Favorite Skits – Fishing

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Young Boy or Girl
Fisherman #1
Fisherman #2
Fisherman #3

Three fishermen/women are walking toward a lake. They spot a kid fishing and catching a lot of fish. The fishermen set up near the kid.

Fisherman #1: This looks like a good spot. Let’s set up here.

Fisherman #2: (impressed with the young boy) Look at that kid. He’s catching fish left and right. It looks like thefish are biting today.

Fisherman #3: (excited) Yeah, thank goodness. Last time we caught only one little fish between the three of us.

The fisherman put bait on their hooks and cast them out into the water (audience). They wait and wait without getting so much as a bite. Meanwhile the kid is pulling out fish after fish. Each time the kid reels in another fish he turns his head and puts his hand to his mouth, then places new (imaginary) bait on his fishing hook.

Fisherman #1: (confused) What’s going on here? The fish aren’t biting at all.

Fisherman #2: Well they are for him. (To fisherman #3) Ask him what his secret is.

Fisherman #3: (Talking to the young boy) Hey kid, how are you catching all those fish? We aren’t even getting a bite.

Kid: (mumbling) Woo waf u weep wa wum wom

The fishermen are completely confused.

Fisherman #1: What did he say?

Fisherman #2: I have no idea?

Fisherman #3: Hey kid, what did you say?

Kid: (mumbling) Woo waf u weep wa wum wom

The fishermen are still confused.

Fisherman #1: Did he say he lives in a wigwam?

Fisherman #2: I think he said,” You have to be a hoom hom.”

Fisherman #3: That doesn’t even make any sense. Hey kid, we don’t understand what you’re saying?

Kid: (he spits either imaginary worms or gummy worms into his hand) You have to keep the worms warm.

The 3 Fisherman: (in disgust) Ooh! Yuck!


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