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In Cabin Notification Boards

I recently came across an article that talked about a mother who uses her refrigerator as a place to leave questions, activities and notes for her young daughter and how well it worked out for them. 

That got me thinking…”Why not do this in the cabins?”

This summer hang up a cork bulletin board or a magnetic dry erase board in each cabin. Alternatively, you could just use tape on a specific part of the wall. (Day camps can do this, too. Simply hang up a board for each group in your largest room.) Counselors can then put up all sorts of announcements and notices on their boards for campers to read.

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What kind of “notices” should go on the board, Moose? I’m glad you asked.

Here’s a list:

The Weekly or Daily Schedule
I am all for campers knowing what is coming up. In this age of anxiety, it’s appropriate that campers are informed about what to expect each day.

A Chore Chart
At most camps, kids need to make their beds, clean in and around the cabin, etc. Create a chore chart with specific assignments and post it. 

Cabin Inspection Score Sheet
If your camp does daily inspections, have the inspector leave the score on each cabin’s notification board.

Daily Questions
Attach a pen or pencil to the board and ask a daily question. On the sheet, campers can write their answers anytime during the day. Questions can include, “What was your favorite part of yesterday?”, “What skit should we do for campfire?”, “What is your favorite movie?”, “What should we do for the talent show?”, “What’s your favorite free-time activity?”, etc. 

Kids love a good riddle.

Counselors can post photos of previous cabin groups. Campers can post photos of their dog.

Creative Works by the Campers
During free time or rest period, campers might write or draw something. If they are proud of it, let them post it on the board.

Post any awards or certificates that were earned that summer to the board.

Counselors can post two truths and a lie about themselves and their campers can put their name next to the one they think is the lie. At the end of the day, the truth is revealed.

Words of Praise
Counselors can post words of praise, encouragement, gratitude, etc. for their campers. Campers can do the same for their cabin mates.

Sign-Up Sheets
If campers have to sign up for free choice activities or the talent show, post the sheet on the board.

What other things could be posted on a cabin group notification board?

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