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SCP 9: Spicing Up Your Aquatics


This week, Chris and Curt and giving you some great ideas on how to make your aquatics spicier!

Curt’s Spiciest Ideas:

– Divide pool for challenges and free swim
– Log Rolling – https://keylogrolling.com/
– Cardboard Box Boats
– Pool Toys
– Shaded area with activities for non-swimmers
– Decorations (theme or resort)

Chris’s Spiciest Ideas:

– 101 Swimming Pool Games and Activities by Jared Knight – https://www.amazon.com/101-Swimming-Pool-Games-Activities/dp/160679096X
– Treasure Hunt
– Water Polo
– Go Pro or Fake Go Pro and let them go crazy
– Inflatables
– Slip N Slide Bowling
– Carousel in Lake
– No Red Bracelets
– Aqua Climb – https://www.aquaclimb.com/

Tools of the Week (Roundtable Submission):

Curt: Cruise Ship Race

Chris: Polar Bear Breakfast from Roundtable #28, Pool and Waterfront Activities, page 11







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