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8 Videos to Add to Your Staff Training

Recently I ran a round table and one of the questions was, “What videos do you like to incorporate into your staff training?” Here is a list of videos that were suggested by other camp professionals to show during staff training.

Personally, I think these videos would be great to show as in-service trainings throughout the summer.

Leading with Lollipops
When asked which videos camp professionals liked to include in their staff training, the “Leading with Lollipops”, a.k.a. “Everyday Leadership” talk by Drew Dudley was the most recommended. (6 minutes)


Every Kid Needs a Champion
The second most recommended one was “Every Kid Needs a Champion” by Rita Pierson. (8 minutes)


Here are other videos that camp directors like to show during staff training.

Brené Brown on Empathy
Empathy often gets confused with Sympathy. This talk by Brené Brown makes it clear what empathy is and why it’s important. (3 minutes)


A Pep Talk From Kid President to You
Here is fun video with a great message. You may need to turn on the closed caption as some of the things Kid President says is hard to hear, but it’s worth the view. (4 minutes)
There are other Kid President Pep Talks that are worth checking out on YouTube.


How to Start a Movement
Extroverted leaders can be great, but if nobody believes in what they are doing, that “leader” will be leading nobody. However, if you see someone trying to start a movement and you believe in what they are doing, don’t be afraid to “follow”. It’s the first few followers who are actually the ones responsible for starting a movement. This video also demonstrates one of those things I love about camp. People aren’t afraid to look silly – a great lesson for kids to be themselves regardless of what others may think. (3 minutes)


Good Kids, Bad Kids and Weird Kids
Jonathan Owen is a camp director and his talk comes from his camp experiences. The message is to give every camper (good, bad or weird) has a story and we can choose how to respond to it in order to give each child what they need. (8 minutes)


The Power of One
Travis Allison is well-known by many of us in the summer camp world. This great talk stems from one thing a counselor said to him when he was a camper. It is sure to inspire your staff. (18 minutes)


Selfish Selflessness
Kurt Podezwa is another camp director. His talk is about Selfish Selflessness. (19 minutes)

So those are the 8 videos, but they aren’t the only videos you should consider.

Insurance Company Videos
The Redwoods Group insurance company has a few risk management videos that are specific to camp. If they are you insurance provider, ask them about the videos. If not, contact your insurance company and ask them if they have their own videos.

Online Expert Training
Have your staff watch training videos before they even get to camp. Expert Online Training (EOT) has videos on leadership, youth development, supervision, safety, parent communication and much more. The videos will mentally prepare staff (especially first year staff) for camp, day or overnight. These videos get them all thinking in the right direction about their duties as a counselor. Handouts and quizzes are also available.

The Yoni Gottesman Video
For any staff that are assigned to the pool or waterfront this summer (even those that are not lifeguard certified), this video and the legal battle afterwards, show how important it is for everyone to be vigilant about water safety. Yoni Gottesman was a 4-year old boy who drowned at camp. The video is security footage that shows what happened. It’s blurry, but the point is well made. Staff should know that this kind of tragedy can happen, it’s not jut anecdotal, but that it can also be avoided. Our highest priority at camp is safety.  Click here to view the video.

For the Leadership Staff
Here is one that was recommended that I believe is a really good one for directors, program directors unit leaders and head counselors. Though Stanley McChrystal’s experience is purely military, there are leadership lessons to be learned that can be used for any organization, including camps. (16 minutes)


What videos do you include in your staff training at camp?



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