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5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Cabin

1. Christmas Lights

Christmas lights can be placed a lot of different ways. They can be wrapped around bunks, pinned to the ceiling, go around a window, made into a shape on the wall, etc. I remember as a counselor how many times a camper would ask me to leave the bathroom light on. Christmas lights take place of the ‘night light’.

Getting a short line of small blue lights is the trick. You don’t want it too light. Of course, if you don’t want them inside place them on the outside of the cabin. Your cabin will certainly stand out at night.


2. Chore Chart

Creating a chore chart is not only a way to “decorate” your cabin, it is also a useful tool. You can create one on a dry erase board, poster board, or butcher paper.

Simply create a blank template and write in the chores and the camper’s names. Then assign them chores for each day. See the example below.


3. Photos of Cabin Groups

If your camp runs one or two week sessions, take photos of each of your cabin groups and hang them up on the wall. You can get some pretty inexpensive frames from a dollar store or place like Walmart. Here’s one I like from Gold Arrow Camp.


4. Cabin Group Flags

Grab a 3’x5′ piece of white fabric from the fabric store for each cabin group you’ll have over the summer, and have each group create a cabin flag on the first day. Have them come up with an image, figure out which campers can draw, and grab the markers. After it’s done have each camper and counselor sign it.

Now hang it up in the cabin using push pins or on the outside of the cabin, if you don’t think anyone will take it.


5. Themed Decorations

If your camp has themes each week, use the theme as your decoration inspiration. Something as simple as a pirate flag during Pirate Week would be great.


Bonus: Restroom Art


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