10 Tasty Snacks for Kids to Make

Lots of camps have a cooking activity available for campers. After school programs often have cooking classes for kids, as well.

Sometimes it’s difficult to come up with snacks that can be done as a group (it’s hard to have 10-20 kids cook on one stove).  

Here are 10 snacks that kids can make at camp or in an after school class that they might actually make at home, too. We’re going to go a little beyond Ants on a Log here.

Fruit Pops

Making your own fruit pops can be a lot of fun. This is a treat that will take time to freeze, so the kids will need to come back later to get it. Each kid will get their own mold to fill. On the surface this looks like a snack where the kids just plop in some fruit and juice and freeze it, but there is prep work involved and it’s a great time to show kids how to cut fruit.

Here are the instructions: Easy Homemade Fruit Pops

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Banana Penguins

You say you don’t mind throwing snacks in the freezer? Great! Then I have another fun snack item your kids will love making. With this one you will need to melt some chocolate. Here are a few ways to do that. The kids can help with the rest.

Here are the instructions: Banana Penguins

Fruit and Cheese Kabobs

Here is an easy snack where kids can get practice cutting fruit and cheese. And who doesn’t love skewering things? Something that would be fun to add to this is an education and tasting of a bunch of different cheeses. After all, I didn’t know there was anything other than sliced American cheese and cheddar cheese as a kid. Don’t judge me!

Here are the instructions: Fruit and Cheese Kabobs

Pineapple Yogurt Parfaits

Parfaits. Sounds so fancy. Here’s a tasty treat that the kids can make their own by adding the toppings of their choice (from the given ingredients, of course). 

Here are the instructions: Pineapple Yogurt Parfait

Graham Crackers, Chocolate and Bananas

A big part of a cooking (assembling?) activity for kids is learning and practicing basic techniques. With this recipe, kids will be cutting banana slices, combining a few ingredients and spreading it on the cracker. 

Here are the instructions: Easy Graham Cracker Banana Chocolate Cake

Dipped Pretzel Rods

I am all about recipes where kids can choose their own ingredients and/or toppings. This snack is one of those.

Here are the instructions: Dipped Pretzel Rods

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Salad in a Jar

You’ve seen all sorts of crafts in a jar and candles in a jar, but what about salads in a jar? Here is another snack where the kids can choose their own ingredients. You could even have them make their own dressings.

Here are the instructions: Salad in a Jar

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If you don’t already have a bunch of blenders, you should. I’m not talking about Vitamix’s here. You can find blenders for cheap that will do the job. Heck, I bet you can ask parents to donate their old ones. There is a lot you can do with blenders, and smoothies are on the top of that list. One of my favorites is a strawberry-banana smoothie. Pair up your kids and let them do their thing.

Here are the instructions: Strawberry-Banana Smoothie


Not all kids are going to like guacamole. That’s okay. You can also offer some salsa or just let them eat the chips plain. They can still go home and impress the family by making guacamole. Plus, you can have the kids grow plants from the avocado pits.

Here are the instructions: Easy Guacamole Recipe for Kids to Make

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Walking Tacos

Let’s close this list with one of my favorites…the walking taco. It’s easy and everyone loves them. Set out the ingredients (yes, this will require some actual cooking of meat), and let the kids build their own tacos.

Here are the instructions: Super Easy Walking Tacos

What are your favorite kid-friendly snacks?


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