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Top Fashion Trends to Try at Camp

Who says you can’t be fashionable at camp?

Even though camp has it’s own brand of fashion (a.k.a. tie-dye shirts and Tevas), we wanted to offer the “fashionistas” out there some ways to be trendy and campy, all at the same time!

Ripped from the pages of Vogue, Elle, and the New York Fashion Week runways, here are 10 ways to make fall/winter 2016 fashion work for you at camp.

Puffer Coats/Vests


Ok, this might be more of a shoulder season look (or an August night in Canada look), but not only will this keep you warm and cozy on those chilly nights, it will also make a great stand in if you forget your pillow during an out trip. Just roll it up and have sweet dreams!

Deconstructed Denim


This very much depends on how strict your camp dress code is, but if it’s pretty relaxed, then slap some patches on those ratty old jeans and walk that cabin path like it’s your own personal runway (just watch out for roots and tree branches).

Body Suits


Man, this is a throw back to the early 90’s! However, the handy-dandy thing about body suits is that you never have to worry about your shirt riding up in the back when you’re bending over. It’s like wearing a swimsuit all the time, just with less… rashes.

I would recommend wearing something over it, cause they can be pretty fitted, and hey, layers are in! (Ok, but maybe don’t go for the super plunging one in the photo…)

A Blanket Scarf


Ok, here’s a confession…. Blanket scarves are totally last season. You’re not going to find them on the New York runways… BUT they’re just so functional that I decided to include them on this list. You can wear them as a scarf if you’re chilly (my camp starts in May in the East Coast of Canada… it’s still chilly in May). You can wear them as a blanket around the campfire if you want to be cozy. You can even wear them as a kilt and paint half of your face blue for a Brave Heart theme day… they are so versatile!!

Canadian Tuxedo


How is this a thing? I don’t know either. But some fancy-shmancy fashion person said it’s a thing again, so I’m saying LET’S DO IT!!



Well this is one that we can certainly get behind!! Any good camper knows that the key to survival in the wilderness is to dress in layers, so we’re pretty much already rocking this look. Take that Vogue, we’re way ahead of you!!

Oversized Bow



Peh. Heh. Heh… did anyone else have the reaction of uncontrollable laughter the way I did?

The great news is that this look is pretty easy to recreate, you just need to borrow a (preferably clean) bed sheet and tie a giant bow around your hips… and voila an avant-garde outfit.

80’s Glam


Just take a quick trip to the costume box and you’re in there like swimwear! Seriously, don’t the models in this picture look like they’ve just come from a camp costume closet? I’m pretty sure we have that exact same dress at my camp!!

Cropped Pants and Culottes


Well you won’t have to worry about meeting the dress code in these puppies. Long enough to be appropriate, but short enough to cool you down a little bit.

Oversized Sweaters


Well, don’t these just look oh, so cozy? I tend to be cold all the time, so I would totally rock one of these at campfire, or on a late night star gazing adventure.


Clothing with Quotes




So there you have it, some fun and foolish ways to stay on trend at camp, AND more importantly, to make the trends work for you (puffer coat + blanket scarf = insta nap supplies! You’re welcome)



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