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Summer Camp Con is Next Week

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Summer Camp Con (a.k.a. SCampCon), the only online camp conference, begins next Monday, November 18. 

But why should you care?

Well, I have plenty of reasons why you should register…and a few reasons you might want to skip it. Here are the pros and cons. 



Low Registration Cost
Most camp conferences cost anywhere from $400-$700 for registration. Yowzers! SCampCon is only between $95-$175.

No Travel or Accommodations Required 
Talk about saving money. Since SCampCon is an online conference, you can attend from the comfort of your home, office or the local coffee shop. Not only does that mean you (or your camp or organization) will be saving loads of moolah, you also won’t have to spend time away from the family.

Attend More Sessions/Workshops
While typical camping conferences offer a lot of workshop options, there are usually only 8-10 session time blocks. This means you only get to attend 8-10 workshops. Plus, doesn’t it always seem that many of the workshops you want to attend all happen during the same time block? I don’t want to have to choose and miss out on the others. (Is there a tantrum emoji?)

SCampCon has around 40 workshops and they are all recorded for future viewing. Attendees get 24 hours to view each one. If you opt to register for the All-Access Pass you get lifetime access to watch them all. If my math is right, 40 is more than 8.

The All-Access Pass 
The All-Access Pass gives you lifetime access to all the sessions. That means you can show the workshops to future leadership staff.


Limited Networking
Typical conferences offer wonderful network opportunities. While attendees of SCampCon can network through the chat function of each session and the Facebook group, it doesn’t compare to connecting with people in-person.

No Evening Activities
While you are welcome to gather with other local camp professionals and plan a dinner out during the week of SCampCon, we won’t be offering any evening activities. Sorry.

No Exhibit Hall
This is one of my favorite parts of traditional camp conferences. Unfortunately, there is no good way to offer a virtual version. Believe me, I tried to make it happen.

Now that you have a better idea of the reasons for and against attending SCampCon, head on over to  the Summer Camp Con website for more information (speakers, workshops, how to register, etc.).

Oh, and here’s a quick promo video to watch.



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