Rec Heads and Camp Nerds – A New Podcast

Over a year ago I began a podcast called The Summer Camp Pro Podcast. It was short-lived with only 7 episodes. I called it quits because, to be honest, I really didn’t enjoy doing it. Episodes can still be found on iTunes.

Recently, my Patchwork Marketplace partner, Patti Sampson, and I started a new podcast called Rec Heads and Camp Nerds. This is a WEEKLY show. Some episodes are interviews and others are just us rambling about recreation and camp. The question is – will this podcast last? Here are 4 reasons why I think it will.

  1. Having a partner that you can play off of during the episodes (and one who likes to laugh a lot) makes podcasting much more enjoyable.
  2. We have a variety of topics we can cover since we talk about community recreation and summer camp.
  3. This is a weekly show and therefore there are deadlines when it comes to recording and editing. Deadlines are good for me. They don’t allow me to procrastinate.
  4. We already have people lined up months in advance to be interviewed.

As of this writing, we have 11 episodes recorded and 6 of those are available to listen to on Patchwork Marketplace (where you can also check out the show notes), iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play Music, and Tune In.

The 6 episodes available are:

There are a few podcasts available already where the hosts talk about summer camps. Why should you add ours to your podcast playlist?

  1. If you’re a recreation professional (rec head) who also runs summer camps, we cover both.
  2. If you’re a summer camp nerd…um, I mean pro who is not a rec head, you can listen to every other episode.
  3. If you like your podcasts to be entertaining and informative, we are the goofballs to bring that to you.
  4. If you want something to listen to weekly and not have to wait a month or longer, check us out.

Hopefully, I have convinced you to give my new podcast a chance. Now I’m also going to ask you for a favor (or three)…

  • Add the Rec Heads and Camp Nerds podcast to your playlist on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play Music or other favorite app.
  • Leave a rating on iTunes and/or Stitcher. This really helps the podcast to be seen by others.
  • Leave comments about the episodes on our show notes pages.
  • Suggest future topics in the comments below.

Thank you so much.

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