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I came across this video recently that tells of a story of a mysterious gnome village that appears from nowhere. In the 17 minute video we find out what it means to many of the residents of the community and who is behind the project. This video is full of feels and is worth the time to watch.

One of the neatest things are the details of these tiny forest homes. For example, in one of the gnome homes there are tiny moving boxes. The next day the moving boxes are gone and the inside is redecorated with new furniture. Imagine creating a forest like this at camp, where each week there are changes, campers can leave notes for the fairies and gnomes, and inspirational messages can be left on small signs and rocks.

If your camp ever decides to do something like this (or is already doing this) let us know in the comments below.



  • Good Afternoon, I think we are going to try and include something in our transportation camp. City Planning is a component of the camp. I think it would be wonderful hands on experience.

  • Hey Moose,
    Our Arts and Craft specialist from Ireland had a fairy door in the craft building from Ireland and every week something new and special happened in the fairy’s life. It was definitely not on the same wonderful level as this video, but the fairy stories had such a positive impact on so many of our campers that we hope to continue with it next summer!

    • Katie, I wish I would have seen that when I visited your camp. I love it. It would be neat to do that in other buildings around camp. It would almost be like the hidden Mickeys at Disney World. And if each of them had a story and something that happened in that fairy’s life it could be a huge part of the camp experience. If you can’t do that maybe you can do something like in the video, where people left notes. Campers can write notes to the fairy in the craft room and she can answer some of them.

      • We had a “fairy lease agreement” and an official key to the fairy door. There is a weekly blog from our fairy Siog (shee-oge) on our website, Here is a link to just one of the blogs. http://tripleccamp.com/a-new-letter/ I think it is an easy program to implement at camp and it brings much more of that camp magic to the front of our minds. I like the idea of the “hidden Mickeys” and hope to add more houses and doors this summer. Thanks for the feedback!

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