Camp Programming Advisor

Are you looking to implement some unique programming at your day or resident camp? HOW EXCITING! I want to help.

Hi, I’m Curt, or Moose, if you prefer. I have years of camp, community recreation and hotel management experience. While I know a thing or two about operations, marketing and supervising staff, creating new programs is my JAM!

I have spoken at a number of training events including ACA National Conferences, ACA Spring Leadership Conferences, the CPRS Summer Staff Training Events, and the Jellystone Parks C.A.R.E Conference. I have also led my own training events, but NOTHING beats being on site and creating programs SPECIFIC to that camp. After all, no two camps are the same when it comes to facilities, staff or programming, and that’s great!

I am so glad you asked. Here’s a list of programs I would LOVE to work with you on.

You may or may not have heard of escape room. This is where a group of people are placed in a room and must solve puzzles and clues to “escape the room”, solve a mystery or find a treasure. Sounds cool, right? Well, if you have ever been to a commercial escape room, you may have noticed that those businesses spend tens of thousands of dollars on each of their rooms. There goes arts and crafts this summer. However, I can show you how to put together a room for under $500. It’s true.

Of course, escape rooms can be a little tricky to put together if you’re trying to design your own. What story will you create? What puzzles are easy enough for the campers but won’t be too easy that they’ll be bored? How do you flow from one puzzle to the next? How do you keep everyone engaged? How many puzzles do you add to your game? How much space is needed?  Should you add music, a special timer, special props? How long will it take to reset the room? Ah! So.Many.Questions!

I can work with you on ALL of this and more. We will look at your available area and find the PERFECT place for your game. You can use a game I have already created, or we can create a completely new and unique game tailored to your camp.

Escape rooms can also be a GREAT addition to your corporate team building program, family camp and as an add-on to group rentals. Cha-Ching!

If you want to create an escape room game yourself, or at least get a better idea of what is involved with that, start with this article I wrote.

Oh boy! This is an exciting program that I just began working on. I have tested a couple of them out and they are FANTASTIC! Personally, I think every camp should have a mystery trail.

A mystery trail is where a cabin group (or a family at family camp) is given a booklet (2 pages that you can print off at camp) with clues and directions. Groups walk/hike around camp solving clues that will help them figure out a mystery, disarm a bomb or find a treasure. One of the BEST things about a mystery trail is that you don’t have to train someone to supervise this program. Just give them the booklet with directions, and let them go.

Mystery Trails are GREAT for family camp and rental group attendees. Give them a booklet and they can go off on their own to solve the mystery. If you want to take things up a notch, you can offer a small prize for those that return with the correct answer in a specific amount of time.

Tired of playing the same camp-wide games every summer? Let me help you create your own unique game. It’ll be a lot of fun. I’ll work with you and your team step-by-step in creating a camp-wide game that works with YOUR camp space, number of kids and staff, and your budget. Using game mechanics and weaving a story that excites you and your team, we’ll create an EPIC game or two for your next camp season. How cool would that be?

While campfires, dances, dive-in movies and talent shows are ALL great evening activities, sometimes you want (nay, sometimes you NEED) something new.

How about a game show!? Besides campfires, game shows are my favorite evening activity or special event.

I’ll work with you to create some budget-friendly game shows that EVERYONE will enjoy. The key with game shows is that you want to include EVERY camper in one way or another. From Family Feud to Let’s Make a Deal, there are LOADS of different game shows you can run, and there are plenty of ways to keep it low-cost. Even with a Minute to Win It program, there is a right way and a wrong way to do it.

Are your campers talking to their friends at home about how COOL the theme was during their time at camp? If not, let’s change that. I am your GUY! I LOVE camp themes! Let’s work together to weave your weekly themes into more of your camp schedule. We’ll find ways to tweak your programs, games, meal times, and more to bring your themes to life.

I am ready and willing to help improve your programming in a number of other ways, including:

  • Spicing up those programs that return campers are tired of
  • Bringing the magic of resident camp to your day camp (a specialty of mine)
  • Adding a geocache story hunt
  • Creating unique and whimsical areas around your camp
  • Adding a Color War event at your day camp
  • Adding EPIC scavenger and treasure hunts to your program
  • Developing a rainy day program that works for your camp
  • Designing an Amazing Race for your camp

If you are interested in working with me (and I really hope you are), email Let me know what types of programming you’re interested in adding to your camp. I offer one-day and multi-day on-site planning sessions. Rates begin at $750 for one day plus travel and lodging.