A Side Income Opportunity for Camp and Recreation Professionals

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I want to tell you about a new site that Patti Sampson and I have been working on. It’s called Patchwork Marketplace. It’s a site where camp and recreation professionals can buy and sell their original resources.

Want to make a few extra dollars?

As camp and recreation professionals ourselves, we understand this career path doesn’t always pay what we wish it would. We also understand that you’re not in it for the money, but wouldn’t it be nice to earn a few extra dollars for a nice dinner out or to save up for a family cruise while you provide needed resources for other professionals in your industry? 

You can do that by creating and selling original resources (training, program, etc) to other camp and recreation professionals. 

Why should you sell your original resources on Patchwork Marketplace?

  • It’s free to register and sell
  • Everything is downloadable so there is no need to ship anything.
  • Patchwork takes care of everything. You upload your resource, and when it sells, we send it to the customer and pay you.
  • You can get paid over and over for the time it took you to create the resource.
  • You’re helping other professionals, which helps them provide a better experience for their customers (campers, youth, families, etc.), and that’s good for our industry as a whole.
  • You can offer as many resources as you like.

If you want specific information on being a seller click here to see the Seller Info. Once you are ready to become a seller visit Patchwork Marketplace to register.


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